Imam Askari (PBUH) narrated that one day his father, Imam Hadi (PBUH), was informed that one of the Shiite Faqih (a person who is expert in religious jurisprudence) entered a discussion with a Nasebi (an enemy of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUT)), defeated him, and brought disgrace on that Nasebi.

One day that Faqih came to visit Imam Hadi (PBUH). There was a place reserved for him by the Imam at the top. When the Jurist entered, the Imam guided him to the highest seat, and this was something strange for Bani Hashim and Alavian. The companions postponed reproaching the Imam for his act for a later time, but the elder of the Bani Hashims asked, “O son of the Messenger of Allah, do you prefer such an ordinary person to the Bani Hashims and the descendants of Abutalib and Abbas?”

Imam Hadi (PBUH) replied, “Be careful not to fail just as those whom Allah speaks of as: ‘Have you not seen those who have been given a portion of the Book of Allah? They are being invited to the Book of Allah so that it may judge between them, then a party of them turn away and withdraw.” (1) Then the Imam added, “Do you accept the Book of Allah as the Judge?”   

The Hashemite replied, “Yes.”

Imam Hadi (PBUH) explained, “And does not Allah say in the Holy Quran: ‘O Believers! When you are told to make room in a meeting for others, do so … God will raise the position of the believers and of those who have received knowledge.'(2) So for the faithful He likes to raise them above the unfaithful. Likewise He prefers to raise the knowledgeable believer above an ordinary believer.

Then also tell me. Did Allah say, ‘I will raise the faithful and those who received knowledge, or did He say, ‘I will raise the aristocrats’

And does not Allah say, ‘Are those who know equal to those who know not?”(3)

Imam continued, “So why should I not respect this person, for Allah has respected him as well? The defeat he gave to that Nasebi, with the logic that God taught him, is undoubtedly higher than any nobility.”  

Yes. The value and rank of those who defend Wilayat is accordingly that high for God and the Ahl al-Bayt (PBUT).  So good for those who follow this path!

(Selection taken from the book “Ihtijaj”, by Scholar Tabarsi)

Roshd Website, offers its condolences on the 3rd of Rajab, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibn Muhammad al-Hadi (PBUH) to all the Muslims and especially you, dear friend.



1. Have you not seen those who were given a portion of the Scriptures?1 Yet when they are invited to the Book of Allah to settle their disputes, some of them turn away heedlessly. The Holy Quran, (3:23)

2. O believers! When you are told to make room in gatherings, then do so. Allah will make room for you ˹in His grace˺. And if you are told to rise, then do so. Allah will elevate those of you who are faithful, and ˹raise˺ those gifted with knowledge in rank. And Allah is All-Aware of what you do. The Holy Quran, (58:11)

3. Is such a person (preferable or he) who is obedient, and prostrates himself in the watches of the night, stands (in Prayer), is fearful of the Hereafter, and looks forward to the mercy of His Lord? Ask them: “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only those endowed with understanding take heed.The Holy Quran, (39:9)

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