Has the time of miracles passed? And we will not see them happen again? Since the miracles of the prophets of the past were related to their own time and place, should we be aware of those miracles by using the documents left from the past so that we can believe in those prophets?

In search of finding a suitable answer to these questions, we come across the holy book of Islam. The Qur’an is the only divine book that clearly and decisively claims that it is an eternal miracle for all people, at any time and in any place and with any nationality.

The Qur’an and the claim of miracles

As we know, a miracle is an extraordinary thing that all human beings are incapable of doing. A person who claims to be a prophet by presenting a miracle claims that because the human race is not capable of doing an act like his act, therefore his act must have been done through the connection he has with a power superior to human powers and that he is the creator of this world. . In fact, God wanted to confirm the relationship between him and himself by giving him this power.

In order to prove its claim of being a miracle, the Qur’an states that anyone who doubts the divinity of this book and that it was created by the Prophet of Islam knows how to bring a book similar to it and then claims that if all humans together unite to create a book like Quran, they will never be able to. Then, in the next stage, in order to be able to prove the inability of human beings to make their own example and to make the opponents’ inability more obvious, he opens up the space for the opponents and says that while you cannot make the Qur’an like the Qur’an, at least make it like the ten surahs. And again he claims that you will never be able to, and further warns that if you can’t, know that the Quran is from God. And finally, when he wants to reveal the ultimate helplessness of others in front of himself, he is satisfied with only one Surah, and this is while a Surah can be as short as a line, and then he claims that you will never be able to even a Surah like Surah. Bring a Koran.

Now we must know what the Qur’an has fought for. Islamic researchers believe that the whole Quran has several aspects of miracles, but the aspect of miracles that the Quran strives for in relation to each of its surahs is the eloquence of its verses.

The miracle of the Qur’an in terms of eloquence

Eloquence and eloquence means that you can use eloquent and beautiful words and balanced and well-balanced compositions to express the desired content and purpose. Arab literature researchers believe that this aspect is evident in each surah of the Qur’an.

In examining their claim, we must first see whether during the more than fourteen hundred years that have passed since the revelation of the Qur’an, no one has really been able to bring even one single-line surah like the Qur’an. That is, has anyone really not been able to respond to this obvious struggle until today? To answer this question, we must refer to history. When we refer to history, we find that historians, including Islamic historians and Orientalists and historians of other religions and nations, have not recorded any significant example of the response of the deniers and opponents of Islam, and since history details many actions of the opponents of the Prophet of Islam and the religion He has recorded it, we are sure that if a significant example had been given, such an important example that represented the invalidity of the Islamic religion would have been recorded in history. Also, in the contemporary era, we find everyone silent in front of this open struggle of the Qur’an.

Why are others silent against the struggle of the Quran?

Now the question is raised that if everyone has remained silent in the face of this open struggle, both throughout history and today, does it necessarily mean that they are unable to bring the example of the Qur’an? Or could there be other reasons? In response to this question, three situations can be imagined in front of the silence of others:

1- There may be no motivation to respond to this struggle of the Quran in the past and present.

2- There was a motivation to respond, but the art of Arab literature gradually weakened and disappeared after the age of revelation of the Qur’an, and even today, there are no Arab writers among non-Muslims who can respond to the struggle of the Qur’an.

3- None of the two previous situations happened, but they really failed and gave up on bringing the same as the Quran.

In examining the first case, it is clear that the appearance of the Prophet of Islam was at a time when different nations lived with different beliefs. Some were materialistic and deniers of any deity, and among others, some were pagans and magi, and some were Christians or Jews. Apart from all this, the sultans of Iran and Rome also had a long hand in colonizing and exploiting weak nations. In such a time, the Prophet of Islam raised the flag of monotheism by claiming to convey divine commands and invited all the world to accept Islam and submit to the one and only God. This call to monotheism, the duality of the Magi and the Trinity of Christianity, and the improper relationship of the Jews to God and the Prophets, and the customs and habits of Jahiliyya and other false beliefs of that time were very seriously negated. Also, all-round obedience to God and submission to her was practically in conflict with the arrogant behavior of the sultans of that time. In this way, the Prophet of Islam faced all the nations and nations alone, and made the proof of his prophethood the Qur’an, and with an intellectual and cultural weapon, that is, fighting against a book, the powers of kings and sultans, scholars of Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrians, Sabeans and The public called the pagans to confront; And of course, Islam has continued its intellectual and ideological struggle until today, and today, more than in all past eras, it has enemies who wish to destroy it. It is natural that in such a situation, they would concentrate all their power in order to confront and destroy the ritual that had endangered their religion and world.

In practice, they have taken any action to fulfill their wish and achieve their goals and destroy Islam. The Prophet of Islam and his companions were put under economic siege for three years in the most difficult conditions in the branches of Abi Talib, while at least the factors of life were taken away from them. All the enemies of Islam, including polytheists, Jews, etc., did not reach a conclusion. They united with each other so that they could cut the roots of Islam in the Battle of the Ditch, and other propaganda measures that were set up against Islam and continue to this day. In other words, they did not hesitate to do everything possible to destroy Islam. Wouldn’t it be better to make a short one-line surah instead of spending so much energy and present it to the world so that if it is equal to the Quran, the invalidity of Islam will be proven? Certainly, the easiest way to disprove the Prophet of Islam and his religion is to disprove his miracle by responding to the militancy that was associated with it from the early days of Islam, and therefore certainly among the huge number of opponents of Islam who spent so much, brought troops, propagated and spread rumors. And… the motivation to respond to this open struggle of the Holy Quran existed and still exists.

In examining the second case, one should pay attention to the evolution of Arab literature. Although eloquence and eloquence have been common techniques among the Arabs during the era of the revelation of the Qur’an, not only was the art of Arab literature popular that day, but also after that, its scope and height were constantly increased, and today we are in an era. that the art of Arab literature is richer than before and with expansion in newer horizons, and many Arab writers have been and are present among non-Muslims all over the world. Therefore, from the beginning of Islam until today, there have been and are many non-Muslims who possess the art of eloquence and eloquence, and their mastery of the Arabic language has been to such an extent that the owners of many books on vocabulary, history, and even Arabic grammar and syntax have been among these people. . Assuming that these writers by themselves had no motivation to respond to the Qur’an, can’t those who have been stubbornly fighting Islam and are still using these writers in the way of their own goals? After it became clear that the first and second cases are not acceptable, the third case should be accepted, that if they have not been able to answer the clear struggles of the Holy Qur’an until now, the reason is only because of the weakness of the opponents and that’s it. And the truth of the Qur’an’s claim is proven to everyone.

The method of understanding the miracles of the Quran (in terms of eloquence and eloquence)

A very important point is that the understanding of this type of miracle of the Qur’an is done by experts in this field. In general, in order to compare the different levels of a specific technique, one should consult the experts of that technique. To explain further, we use an example:

Suppose that the doctor “A” in the world today claims that no doctor in the world is equal to her in terms of skill in the art of medicine. Also suppose that this claim of her has become costly to others who stubbornly intend to invalidate her claim:

First: If no doctor is found who claims superiority over doctor “A”, it will be proved to everyone that the claim of doctor “A” was correct.

Secondly: If doctor “B” is found to claim superiority over doctor “A”, people who do not have expertise in medicine cannot distinguish between the two, but it is necessary for doctor “B” to confirm his claim with a number of experts in medicine. present to prove his claim.

Regarding the miracle of the Qur’an, since no one has been able to provide an appropriate answer approved by Arab writers, it is proven that the Qur’an is a miracle to people who do not have expertise in the art of Arab literature. Also, if someone claims that he has been able to give an answer to the struggle of the Qur’an, he should be able to bring some Arab writers with him to prove his claim.

Other aspects of the miracles of the Qur’an

From what has been said so far, it is clear that the Quran is a miracle in terms of eloquence and eloquence. Although this amount is enough for us to realize that the Holy Quran cannot be made by human hands, but as we have stated, Islamic researchers believe that in addition to the miracle of the eloquence and eloquence of the Quran, which is evident in its individual surahs, for the entire Quran In total, there are other aspects of miracles. The very important thing is that understanding these aspects, like understanding the miracles of eloquence and eloquence, is not specialized, but everyone of any nationality and race is able to understand these aspects of miracles. It should be noted that researchers have mentioned several aspects of miracles, and for the sake of brevity, we will examine only three of them:

1- Quran and secrets of creation: Although the Qur’an is not a science book and it was not revealed for the purpose of scientific matters, and the purpose and goal of the Qur’an is to guide and lead the society towards the happiness of this world and the hereafter, but at the same time, the Qur’an has used such issues in many cases in the way of its special purpose. He mentioned them as signs of God’s eternal power. Therefore, in many cases, he has mentioned many secrets of creation. This shows that the Qur’an was revealed by someone who was completely surrounded by the secrets of nature, and he is none other than the creator of nature. Below, we briefly state three of these secrets that are mentioned in the Qur’an:

A) referring to the movement of the earth:

“الذی جعل لکم الارض مهدا”(سوره طه، آیه 53)

“That God who made the earth like a cradle for you.”

In this verse, the Qur’an ironically refers to the movement of the earth and compares it to a cradle, and we know that it is because of the movement of the cradle that the child rests in peace, thus referring to the movement of the earth. The reason why the Qur’an does not explicitly mention the movement of the earth is that these sentences were revealed at a time when nothing else was relevant to mankind except the stillness of the earth and the movement of the stars around it. A further explanation is that when Galileo first announced that the earth moves a thousand years later, he was sentenced to death. From this, we can understand that if the Qur’an had explicitly raised the issue of the movement of the earth, it would have been widely rejected, and therefore, the Qur’an has expressed this matter with special gentleness. First of all, he did not contradict the opinions of the people of that time and secondly, he stated the truth.

b) Referring to the act of fertilization by wind:

“و أرسلنا الریاح لواقح” (سوره حجر، آیه 22)

“And We made the winds the cause of fertilization.”

It was centuries after the revelation of the Quran that biologists discovered the effect of winds in carrying out fertilization in plants, and this is one of the miracles of the Quran.

ج) “و أنزلنا الحدید فیه بأس شدید و منافع للناس” (سوره حدید، آیه 25)

“And We sent down iron in which there is great strength and firmness and benefits for the people.”

Until the 18th century, i.e. 12 centuries after the revelation of the Qur’an, metal work was still extremely weak and not only its value was not known, but it was not considered important and significant until suddenly the eyes of the world were fixed on iron and a strange competition among scientists for Extraction and better use of it came to the extent that these last two centuries have been called the era of metal movement and development, and the world has certainly understood its benefits as it should be, and the truth of another truth of the Quran has been hidden from one side. It is worth noting that the Qur’an has pointed out iron among all metals and speaks of the benefits of iron, and today it is clearly evident that the efficiency of iron is more than other metals.

2- Quran and future news: In many cases, the Qur’an contains unseen news that happened later. This indicates that the Qur’an was revealed by someone who can give information about the unseen, and he is none other than God Almighty, who is the only absolute knower of the unseen. There are many verses in which the Qur’an mentions prophecies, so we mention a few here:

A) Before Mecca was conquered by the Muslims, the Prophet saw in his dream that he shaved his hair as a sign of leaving the Ihram, and since the dream of the Prophets is a true dream, he promised his companions that they would soon enter the Sacred Mosque. In the 6th year of Hijri, the Holy Prophet along with a group of companions went to Mecca with the intention of visiting the House of God, but they were prevented from moving by polytheists in Hudaybiyya area, and the work ended in the peace of Hudaybiyya, and it was decided that the Muslims would return and perform the Hajj ceremony the following year. leave After the conclusion of the agreement, some of the Companions protested and questioned the authenticity of the Prophet’s dream. In such a situation, the following verse was revealed:

“Allah’s messenger of the vision was right to enter the Masjid al-Haram, God willing, the believers are my leaders and those who are guilty, do not fear my deed, we did not learn, so he made me without this, victory is imminent” (Surah Fatah, verse 27)

“God will reveal the truth of his messenger’s dream that you Muslims enter the Al-Haram Mosque with a safe heart and shave your heads and repent without fear. Therefore, God decreed what you did not know, and after that He placed a close conquest.

In this verse, while confirming the prophet’s dream of conquering Mecca, Muslims are also promised. It was in the seventh year of Hijrah that the Prophet’s dream came true and Muslims were able to visit the House of God, and a year later the second promise of the Qur’an came true and after the peace was broken by the infidels, Mecca was conquered by the Muslims.

b) The Battle of Badr was the first war between the Muslims and the Quraysh infidels. A caravan of infidels from Mecca with a lot of merchandise passed through the vicinity of Medina. The Muslims asked permission from the Prophet to attack the infidels and take their property in order to compensate for their properties and houses that were looted in Mecca. The Prophet gave permission and at that time the following verse was revealed:

“و اذ یعدکم الله احدی الطائفتین انها لکم و تودون ان غیر ذات الشوکه تکون لکم و یرید الله ان یحق الحق بکلماته و یقطع دابر الکافرین”

“And when God promised you that one of the two groups would be for you and you wanted the one that was free of suffering to be for you, and God wants to strengthen the truth with His words and cut the roots of the disbelievers. “

This verse tells the outcome of the Battle of Badr. Despite the fact that the number of the enemy was several times that of the Muslims and there was concern among some, but the Qur’an clearly gave good news that either the victory in the war or the wealth of the trade would go to the Muslims.

c) When the Prophet’s son passed away, a person named As bin Wayl said: Indeed, Muhammad is the best. He does not have a son to be his deputy, and when he dies, his memory will cease. At this time, the verses of Surah Kauthar were revealed to the Prophet:

“انا اعطیناک الکوثر فصل لربک وانحر ان شانئک هو الابتر”

“We have given you a lot of good, so pray to your Lord and make sacrifices. Indeed, the one who blames you is the Abtar.”

In these verses, it is announced that the one who called that Prophet as Abtar, his generation will be extinct and the generation of that Prophet will remain.

3- Bringer of the Holy Quran: One of the certain issues in the life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) which is very clear and undeniable is that he was an “Umi”. This means that he had neither read nor written nor had he seen a teacher. This issue is so certain that famous western orientalists also admit this fact in their books. Based on this, the issuance of words like the words of the Holy Quran, in which all those miraculous aspects, including eloquence, eloquence, secrets of creation, unseen news, etc., which we mentioned earlier, are hidden from such a person, will definitely be the proof that this is God’s work. And this science is a science that was acquired through revelation. The Holy Quran itself says in this regard:

“و ما کنت تتلوا من قبله من کتاب و لا تخطه بیمینک اذالارتاب المبطلون” (سوره عنکبوت، آیه 48)

“O Prophet, before the revelation of the Holy Quran, you did not read any book and you did not read any writing, in which case, tempting people would doubt the authenticity of your mission.”

last word

Although the Qur’an has many miraculous aspects, this does not mean that the Qur’an is a literary book or a book about the mysteries of creation, etc. Rather, he uses these issues for his own purpose and proves that it is a miracle. Then the book of guidance introduces itself, and therefore those who have been enlightened by the miracles of the Quran should find the way of guidance and correct divine teachings in the Quran. Therefore, our faith in other divine prophets and their miracles is also after proving the miracles of the Quran and listening to the unseen news that the Quran narrates from the past prophets.

In a general summary, the contents of this article can be summarized as follows:

1- The miracles of the prophets of the past were specific to their own time and nothing of them is available to us today. Meanwhile, we find only the Qur’an which claims to be an eternal miracle.

2- In order to prove the truth of its claim, the Holy Quran openly calls all the scholars to fight so that if they can bring words like the verses of the Quran.

3- The miraculous aspect of the Holy Quran, which the Quran has limited to each and every surah, is the eloquence of its verses. Of course, for different parts of the Qur’an, in addition to eloquence and eloquence, there are other aspects of miracles.

4- On the one hand, the opponents of Islam in practice, both in the past and in the present era, have not spared the most costly and difficult tasks to invalidate Islam, and on the other hand, they kept silent against the simplest action, which was to respond to the struggle of the Qur’an, and there is no significant example of In terms of eloquence and eloquence, experts have not considered it equal to the Qur’an, and this is despite the fact that they had sufficient motivation and capable Arab writers. This is the best reason for their helplessness in front of the Quran.

5- In the Qur’an, there are many references to the secrets of creation, which were revealed centuries later. This indicates that the Qur’an was revealed by someone who was fully aware of the secrets of creation.

6- In the Qur’an, there are many occult prophecies that were later fulfilled, and this shows that the Qur’an was revealed by someone who is surrounded by the unseen.

7- The Qur’an, with all the above-mentioned miracles, was brought by a prophet who, according to history, was illiterate. This clearly shows that he did not bring the Qur’an in front of him, but it was sent down by the Lord of the worlds.


From what was said, it was clear that the Quran is a miracle for all ages and for all nations, and therefore, this holy book was revealed by God. Also, with the clarification of the miracles of the Qur’an, the truth of the prophethood claim of the Prophet of Islam is revealed. Therefore, today, all people can understand the prophethood of the Prophet of Islam and the truth of his religion by researching this book and observing its miracles.

برچسب خوردهاسناداعجاز قرآنانبیابلاغتخارق‌العاده‌ایخدای متعالشیوه فهمعقایدفصاحتقرآنقرانگذشتهمعجزهمعجزه‌

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