Abu Basir narrates:

After the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (PBUH) I went to his house to pay my condolences to his wife Hamidah. Upon seeing me, she began to weep and I wept as well. 

Then she said Abu Basir! If you were here on the last moments of Imam Sadiq’s (PBUH) life, you would have witnessed something unordinary.

“What is that?” I asked. 

She answered: “It was in the last moments of the Imam’s life when he opened his blessed eyes and said:

“Gather all of my family and relatives now and bring them to me!”  Thus, we gathered every one of the relatives until no-one was left.

He turned to them and said,

“We will not intercede1 for those who belittle Salat.”   

“We will not intercede1 for those who belittle Salat.”   

(Selected from “Bihal al-Anwar“ ,  vol. 6, p. 154 ,and vol. 4, p. 297)

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