Junadah ibn Abi Umayyah says: I went to visit Imam Hassan (PBUH) during the illness that led to his death. There was a tub in front of him so that he could heave the effects of the poison Mu’awyiah had infected him with.

Junadah says: ”I said to him, ’O son of the Messenger of Allah! Advise me!”

Imam Hassan replied

”Be prepared for your traveling to the Hereafter, and keep ready your necessity for this trip before your death comes.

Know that you are after this world, and death is after you. Do not worry about the day that has not come yet today. Know that you will not gain more than your specified sustenance unless you are keeping it for someone else.

And know that (on the Day of Judgment) you shall be questioned and made responsible for what you gained lawfully in this world; and you shall be punished for what you gained unlawfully; and you shall be condemned and reproached for what you gained questionably. So treat this world as a corpse (that you would use only upon necessity), and take from it only as much as you need (1). (1. According the Islamic rulings, eating the meat of a dead body is not permissible; except in cases where nothing else in available and not using the corpse would result in one’s death. In this case, it is permissible to use the meat of a dead body as much as it removes hunger and saves one’s life.)

Work for this world as if you were to live forever (so if one of your worldly affairs is delayed, you will have time to do it later) (2); (2. What is meant by this advice is not to propagate laziness, neglectfulness, or sluggishness in worldly affairs; rather, based on what the scholars have said, it suggests that one should be involved in worldly affairs as less as possible, and spend most of his time on the matters related to the Hereafter.) and work for the Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow (you do not have much time left). And if you are looking for glory not from your lineage, and if you are seeking greatness and awe without being the king, then rescue yourself from the disgrace and abjectness of disobeying Allah (SWT) to the glory and greatness of His obedience.

If you had no option but to befriend people, make friend with someone who:

· His companionship beautifies you and makes you proud (rather than ashamed)

· Protects you whenever you do him a favor

· Offers you help whenever you ask for it

· Helps you in case you extended your hand towards him

· Resolves the problem if you failed in a matter

· Takes into account your good deeds

· Acts in case you decide to remain silent

· Accompanies you whenever a difficulty and calamity falls upon you

· Does not cause you any harm or trouble

· Does not leave you alone in the realities

· Prefers you over himself if you disputed over dividing properties.”

Junadah continues:

Then his color turned so yellow that I feared for his life. At that moment, Imam Hussain (PBUH) entered the room, hugged Imam Hassan (PBUH), and kissed his head and between his eyes. Then, he sat beside his brother and they talked to each other privately. Imam Hassan (PBUH) made Imam Hussain (PBUH) his heir; he was martyred at the age of 47, and was buried in Baqi cemetery.

“Taken from Bihar al-Anwar book, volume 44, authored by: “The late Allameh Majlisi (RA)”


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