One of the most important ways to recognize the prophets is their presentation of superhuman work, which the Holy Quran interprets as “vision” or “verse” and among Muslims it is referred to as “miracle”.

Because the prophecy of the past prophets was reserved for a specific and limited period, the period of their miracles was also naturally short and limited and only for the people of that period; Because for some of the people of that era, witnessing these temporary and limited miracles would complete the proof, and for others, through continuous and continuous narration, the acknowledgment and certainty of God’s proof would be finished for them.

But an eternal law and prophecy must also have an eternal miracle and vision; Because if the miracle is limited and exclusive to one time, the past and the future will not be able to understand it with their own eyes, and successive news and narrations may also be lost due to the passage of time, or at least due to various factors. Doubts arise in them.

In this case, the proof will not be complete for future people who have not been able to see these superhuman signs and works.

This point expresses an important issue regarding celestial religions. For this reason, the late Ayatollah Khoei, one of the great authorities of Shiite imitation, in the form of a scientific debate, discussed with one of the Jewish scholars that the era of the Jewish religion has passed and their reasons and miracles have ended…

She asks that Jewish scholar: Is the Sharia law only for Jews or is it general for all people and nations?

If it is reserved for the Jewish nation, other nations will need another prophet, and who can that prophet be, in your opinion, but the Prophet of Islam? If the law of Moses (peace be upon him) is universal and applies to all mankind, then it will need a permanent reason and a living witness. If such evidence is not available today; Because the miracles of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) were reserved for his own age and after him, no traces of them have remained to cause belief and certainty and to prove the survival and continuity of the Jewish religion forever and as a witness in all ages and centuries. its authenticity.

If you say: Although these miracles do not exist at the moment, but the frequency of news and numerous reports make their existence clear and certain, we will answer that:

First: A miracle can be proven through frequency if the number of its carriers reaches such a level that it creates certainty among people. But you cannot prove such frequency in proving the miracles of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) in every era and among every nation and generation.

Second: If only narrating miracles is sufficient to prove a fact, that it is not specific to the miracles of Moses, you narrate the miracles of Moses (peace be upon him), Christians narrate the miracles of Jesus (peace be upon him). Muslims also the miracles of their prophet. So what is the difference between these narrations that your speech is accepted in the narration of the miracles of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him), but not the speech of others! If only narrating the miracles of a prophet can confirm that prophet, why don’t you confirm the prophethood of other prophets whose miracles have all been narrated?

The Jewish scholar replied: The miracles that the Jews narrate to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) are also acknowledged by Christians and Muslims and they acknowledge their authenticity, but the miracles of other prophets are accepted by all. is not. It is that they need other reasons to reach the proof stage.

Ayatollah Khoei said: Yes, it is true that Christians and Muslims also accept the miracles of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him), but not through the frequency and narrations of the Jews. But because their prophets have reported those miracles. Christians and Muslims know the miracles of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) through their prophets, and if they do not accept their prophethood, they will not have a way to accept the miracles of Prophet Moses correctly to accept him as a prophet.

This problem is not unique to the Jewish religion; Rather, it is related to all religions of the past and Islam is the only religion whose miracle is eternal and alive in all ages and ages and flows among all nations and generations and will speak to the world until the Day of Resurrection and make them He invites to the truth.

We know and acknowledge Islam through this eternal and ongoing miracle, which is the Qur’an. Having recognized and accepted Islam, we are also bound to acknowledge all the prophets of the past. Because the Qur’an and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) have signed and approved them.

In short, the Qur’an is the only eternal and eternal miracle that confirms the authenticity of all the previous holy books and testifies to the sincerity and purity of all the past prophets and honors them.

“Taken from the book “Al-Bayan fi Tafsir al-Qur’an”, authored by the late Ayatollah Azami Khoei (with some changes)”


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