Those who strive towards their hereafter look down upon this world and its worshipers. They are on a constant mission to create awareness for worldly people through provoking messages. 

Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PBUH), son of Maryam (PBUH), in an effort to awaken such thoughts has said,

“Woe on to you world worshipers! Have they not given you a degree above all creatures for your intellect? You have instead ignored it, and turned towards the world.

You rule with worldly intent, and create grounds for more worldly enjoyments. You have preferred the world over the hereafter, and focused on expanding it.     

Till when shall you be for the world, and till when shall God not be a part of your life?

The world is so close to destroying you……on the Day of Judgment, as your sins single you out, and knowledge pushes you from behind in the most demeaning manner to hand you to the Angel of Torture; and all this will be in a state of loneliness, where you will be without friends or companions as you face the results of your actions.”(1)

Indeed, these were wise messages of the Messiah (PBUH) which teaches us the more we are drawn to the world, takes us equally further from the hereafter.

A wise man will take only what is necessary, and will view this world as a preparation for the hereafter. Such a person will choose that which is far from luxuries, so that his heart will not be blinded. Along these lines Prophet Isa (PBUH) has said, “Do not look at the properties of the world worshipers, for the shine of their possessions shuts down the light of your faith.” (2)

We hope the advices of Prophet Isa (PBUH) become the paradigm of mankind.

(The above is a selection from the book “The Preach (the way to prevent influence of Satan on the heart)”, by Ayatullah Zia’ Abadi with minor changes)

On behalf of Roshd Website, we congratulate all monotheists, especially you dear friend for the birthday of Prophet Isa, son of Mary (PBUH).


1. Tuhaf al-Uqul, Chapter of Teachings of the Messiah (PBUH)

2. Al-Mahajjah al-Bayza’, vol. 7, p. 328

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