The Fitra1 of each person constantly yearns to reach perfection. In order to reach the degree of perfection however, one should seek to find the means of approach to the Allah Almighty. The first step in seeking closeness to Allah (SWT) is to gain knowing of Allah (SWT). One of the great persons who have gained this knowing and closeness to Allah (SWT) after the fourteen Infallibles- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), Lady Fatimah (PBUH), and the Imams (PBUT) – is Lady Zainab (PBUH). Though we cannot fully describe her status and knowledge about Allah (SWT), we will only touch on a few cases to illustrate this knowledge.

She was famous for her knowledge during her childhood ages. Once she asked her father Imam Ali (PBUH): “Do you like me?”

Imam Ali (PBUH) replied, “Yes.”

Then she continued, “There are two affections-the love of Allah and the love for children- that overflow the heart of every believer. Thus the base of this affection is that the actual and main affection is for Allah, and the sympathy and compassion is for the children. And this affection (to the children) is based on this main affection to Allah.”

Imam Ali (PBUH) confirmed her and praised her2. This degree of knowledge in this young period of her life is a proof for her deep inward knowing of the creator. Another case is on the day of Ashoora, when she offered her young son to Imam Hussain (PBUH) to fight in the war, she said, “If fighting in war (Jihad) was allowed for women, I would have sacrificed thousands of (my) lives for the Lord!” What wisdom and courage Lady Zainab (PBUH) has to sacrifice her young son in the way of Allah (SWT).  It is clear that her patience and devotion derives from the wisdom she has in knowing Allah (SWT) and His Hujjah-chosen representative of Allah (SWT)-Imam Hussain (PBUH).

Let us pray that we too may gain a portion of this fountain of immense knowing.

(Selection from “Khasa’is Zainabiah”, p. 225)

We pay our condolences to all in the memory of the demise of the manifestation of patience and perseverance, the messenger of Ashoora and the remembrance of Karbala, Lady Zainab (PBUH).

1. A soul that was inspired with the faculty of knowing what is evil and what is good

1. Kharazmi, vol.1, p. 122

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