The people of Mecca eagerly awaited the approaching caravan. The ringing bells on the camels blended in with the people’s happiness and laughter. At last, the caravan had arrived.

She waited in her house feeling a sense of ambiguous sorrow. Her servant, Maysarah, hurried in with joy and sat to explain what she had heard about the success of the caravan and the amazing tales of the traveler, “the truthful of Mecca.”  Her servant clearly explained the income made from this trip, and the lady carefully listened and pondered upon the great character of the traveler, a character she had not seen among any other young or old person in Mecca. This in itself was the reason Lady Khadijah (PBUH) offered to ask abu Talib, the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle, for the Prophet’s hand in marriage.

Lady Khadijah (PBUH) came from a well-known and highly-esteemed family. Yet, her virtues, name, and manners distinguished her from all the rest. In fact, before her marriage to the Prophet, she was known as the pure woman and princess of the Quraish. Despite all her wealth and fame, she submitted to Islam. Indeed, it was the will of Allah (SWT) that this union took place, a union Mecca had never seen unto itself.

This was Lady Khadijah (PBUH), who with her sacrifices and never ending patience on enduring hardships, left everyone with lessons to learn from. But after years of hardship and sacrifice, the year of grief arrived. The tenth year after the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) to prophethood was marked the “year of grief”, as the Holy Prophet lost not only his strongest supporter, Abu Talib (PBUH), but also lost Lady Khadijah (PBUH). Mecca, without his sacrificing uncle, and his house, without his kind and loyal wife, were both empty.

And although Lady Khadijah (PBUH) had left this world, her space was never filled for the Prophet. Even in the event where Mecca was conquered ten years later, the Prophet set up a tent beside her grave and decided to lead the city from that location.

She was the first who without the least bit of fear or weakness, accepted Islam right after the return of her husband from the cave of Hira. What other woman do you know of that sacrifices all her wealth and comfort, to live with the scolds of others, and to endure the hardest pains and hardships?

Indeed, it was only Lady Khadijah (PBUH) whom Allah (SWT) put as the fountain of hope, comfort, and health for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). Many women accepted Islam after Lady Khadijah (PBUH) in the beginning years, but none were able to reach her status. Because of her impact on the foundation of Islam, Allah (SWT) put her as a true example of loyalty, kindness and sacrifice in the way of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet. She gave all she had to the Prophet, and in return she received guidance more valuable than all the treasures of the earth. The Prophet gave her such love and respect that brought her to the highest level of pride and virtue that no other women could reach. She will continue to shine in the history of Islam, and all Muslims will show pride in having such a mother, Umm al-Mu’minin.

(Selection taken from the book: “The Life of Khadijah and Fatimah (PBUT)”, by Hashim Ma’ruf al-Hassani)

Roshd offers its condolences on the tenth of Ramadan, the anniversary of the demise of the mother of the pious, the first Muslim woman, Lady Khadijah (PBUH) to all Muslims and especially to you, dear friend.

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