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The Place to Act

One of the principles that all divine religions share, is the importance of the hereafter and the fact that the eternal bliss of a person is the result of his deeds in this world. Allah (SWT) has advised prophet Jesus (PBUH) in this regard:

O’ Jesus! Consider Me so close to yourself as the closeness of your thoughts to you. Remember me for the sake of your hereafter. Get closer to me by performing recommended (Mustahab) actions and trust in me, therefore, I will suffice you. Do not trust in anyone except me, thus I will not quit helping you.

O’ Jesus! Remember me through your tongue and place my love in your heart …

O’ Jesus! Be vigilant and aware when other people are in the sleep of negligence …

O’ Jesus! Be keen to achieve my rewards and be fearful from my punishment. Destroy carnal desires of this world in your heart by being fearful of me …

O’ Jesus! Consider nighttime [for parying] to achieve my satisfaction …

O’ Jesus! Try your best to do good deeds, until everyone recognize you as a good person …

O’ Jesus! Eliminate one of the attachments to this world on a daily basis of your life, thus, leaving this world would not be difficult for you …

O’ Jesus! Open up your eyes to the skies with modesty and call me, as I am so close to you. I am going to comply your prayers if you show supplication while being aware that no one else can fulfill your requests except me.

O’ Jesus! You must talk in public in a same way that you talk in private. Your eyes and your heart should tend to satisfy the wishes of whom you like (Allah (SWT)). Keep your heart and tongue away from prohibited actions [Muharramat] and avoid looking at anything, which there is no benefit in it. Surely, even a single glimpse might plant a carnality seed in one’s heart, which ultimately will destroy him.

O’ Jesus! Act for your own benefit in your lifetime that no one is able to do any good for you after your death. Indeed, I will reward a single good action multiple times while sin will destroy its committer. Surpass others to do well and try hard to do good deeds. Indeed, there are ceremonies in which the participants could get free from the hellfire when the ceremony ends. (1)

 (The above is a selection taken from the book “Hayat al-Qoloub” by late Allamah Mohammad Baqir Majlesi)

Roshd Website congratulates you dear friend on the birth anniversary of

The Pious Prophet, and Allah’s Righteous Servant,

Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (PBUH).


1-    This hadith has been narrated from Imam Sadiq (PBUH) in the book of “Amali” by Sheikh Sadouq, p.514

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