For sure the shocking statistics of global and social problems has drawn your attention to them. Mankind was always searching for finding solutions for terrorism, violence, separation, murder, suicide, family problem, discrimination, racisms, wars, and thousands of other problems. But what is the main reason of these problems and what is the solution? In order to review this issue, a short introduction is presented.

We deal with self-interest (Hubb al-Zat) and altruism (Hub al-Ghair). These two inborn desires have been implemented in all people by the wise will of Allah (SWT). Both of these two desires have a key role in ensuring prosperity and peace for mankind and should be satisfied in a proper manner.

Self-interest is a common desire between humans and animals. This is the main reason for surviving and protecting themself. This desire helps a human in determining useful thing and makes him to achieve them. It will also help human in understanding harmful stuffs so that he will try to avoid them.

Altruism is an exclusive characteristic of a human and is one of his valuable desires. Altruism is the main reason of loving other people. This desire is a selfless concern for others and makes life lovely. Reviving this spiritual desire makes people to love each other. On the other hand, it will revive cooperation and empathy in the society. (1)

Self-interest, like other animal instincts, is deeply rooted in human nature. This instinct quickly grows and becomes strong and does not need any support or training. But altruism, like other great human desires, does not become strong without the training and care. (2)

A real altruist is a person who loves others based on pure human emotions and their humanity. His love is free from selfishness and material interests. This love is a sign of mental excellence and purity of his sole and is an exclusive characteristic of a mankind. This type of love distinguishes humans from animals. It also connects different societies and makes people to love each other. This love, avoid people from brutality and savagery. Moreover, it makes people feel safe and make the world a peaceful place and make life pleasant and lovely.

In this way, if we can love other people consciously, we will enjoy prosperity in our life. This elixir which can cure every pain and sorrow has been prescribed by Devine Prophets since many centuries ago. In the holy school of Islam, altruism and loving other people has been considered comprehensively. The Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) and the Infallible Imams (PBUT) counted this good temper as an important factor in mankind’s prosperity and gaining Devine blessings.

For example, Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (PBUH) said:

“People on the earth are under divine blessing while they love each other and return their loans and their behavior is based on the truth and right manner“. (3)

In the holy school of Islam, a beneficial life is only for those who develop self-interest and altruism together in the correct portion. They should pay attention to their own spiritual way and material needs. In the mean time they should guide others in the right way and prepare their fortune and prosperity.

This Devine prescription is for solving mankind social and global problems and this is our turn to make our decisions… Do we implement these Devine lessons and plans in our life? Do we try to help others so that we make ourselves and others blessed in return? This is the time that we should choose our path in life with a little thought…

(The above is a selection from “Youth in the Vision of Wisdom and Emotions”, By Late Muhammad Taqi Falsafi, whit minor changes)

Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims, especially you dear friend on the 7th of Safar, the birth anniversary of the seventh divine chosen leader, the paradigm of Allah’s blessing, Imam Musa ibn Ja’far al-Kadhim (PBUH).


1. It is important to point out that altruism means loving others because of moral virtue and human dignity with a full attention to monotheism. So a real monotheist never became friend with people who are intentionally against the Devine religion and its commandments. Allah (SWT) says it the holly Quran: “You will not find any people who believe in Allah and the day of resurrection who establishes friendship with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger…” (The holy Quran, 58:22)

2. If parents and teacher take care of their children in their childhood and fulfill their duties correctly, they can gradually raise human virtues in children and make them benevolent and altruist.

3. Warram Complex, vol. 1, p. 12

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