A believer who, due to staying in Arafat and al-Mash’ar, has come to the position of fully getting to know Allah (SWT) and has undermined his carnal desires, will not naturally hesitate to sacrifice whatever exists on his way in order to get close to his Creator even if that being is his endeared son, life, and desires.

Nevertheless, Allah (SWT) out of kindness and in consideration of His servant’s weakness, is content with the sacrifice of an animal and accepts it as symbol of self-sacrifice in His way provided that the servant, by sacrificing this animal, sacrifices his bestial inclinations such as greed, jealousy, love of position and fame, mischief, pessimism, and other vices, saying with firmness:

“Surely I have turned myself, being upright, wholly to Him Who originated the heavens and the earth” (1)

While doing this, he should remember the Holy Quranic Verse:

“Neither their meat nor their blood ever reaches Allah, but it is your Piety which reaches Him” (2)

This means that only pious persons, who love Allah (SWT), show a part of their purity of hearts and the secret of worshiping of Allah (SWT), by sacrificing of the animal. These persons achieve the position of nearness to Allah (SWT), and gain Divine dispensation.

Allah (SWT) truly seeks His servant’s piety and this virtue cannot be obtained save by killing carnal desires and Satanic temptations.

 “And as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord and forbids the soul from low desires. Then surely the garden that is the abode.” (3)

That scary and fierce animal, lived in human soul and moved all the time, turn everywhere for satisfying his lust and do every criminal doing to achieve his goals, must be sacrificed.

This dangerous animal is laying in human way and does not let him to become closer to Allah (SWT) and achieve welfare. Destroying and sacrificing this animal is the genuine sacrifices and is his tool to achieve the position nearness to Allah (SWT), not only killing an animal.

When a person who is trained by religious instructions and Divine knowledge, removes the carnal desires and satanic temptations which are similar to a big obstacle between he and Allah (SWT), the way to Allah (SWT) would be opened and the pure heart of him will be prepared for saying:

“Surely I have turned myself, being upright, wholly to Him Who originated the heavens and the earth”

(Selection taken from ″Hajj, a Program for Salvation″, by Ayatullah Zia’ Abadi)

The Roshd Website congratulates all followers of Ibrahim (PBUH), especially you dear friend, upon the great Eid of obedience, honesty and taking step in the way of nearness to Allah (SWT), Eid al-Adha.


1. The Holy Quran, (6:79)

2. The Holy Quran, (22:37)

3. The Holy Quran, (79:40, 41)

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