The world we live in is a place to flourish and everyone grows flourish as if the world is a desirable agricultural setting which will thrive any planted seed. Not only the nice people evolve in this world, but also, the wicked ones who plant an evil seed, progress in their vicious way.

Although, there are differences between this world and the hereafter, they are definitely connected with each other as two parts of a life span or two seasons of a year. Seeds are being planted in one season [this world] and must be harvested in the other. This world is like the seed and a place to act and the hereafter is as the fruit; and the place to confront the consequences of the actions we did. This is how the paradise and the hellfire are being created; as the consequence of what was performed in the planting part of life.

The 11th Imam of Shiities, said in this regard: “… the death will arise suddenly. Anyone planted good deeds, would harvest bliss and anyone seeded evil, would harvest regret [since] the farmer harvests whatever he had planted …” (1)

(The above is a selection taken from “Collection of Works of Late Scholar Murtada Mutahhati,” with minor changes.)

The Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon 8th of Rabee al-Thani, the birthday anniversary of the sincere servant of Allah (SWT) , the chosen and guiding leader, the 11th Master of the Shiites,

Imam Hassan al-Askari (PBUH).


1. Tohaf al-Uqul, p.489

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