Sometimes, a one or two, or a few day life of a person, which its description might fit in few pages writing, is glorious to an extent that can prove the worthiness of a person better than dozens of books. His majesty Ab al-Fazl al-Abbas (PBUH) was a person as such. Unfortunately, the history does not have much to say about his life. But what is the use of an abundant amount of information? What is important is the rank of a person before his Creator. His position is so high that Imam Sadiq (PBUH) has said about him, “Abbas’ position before Allah is so high that all the martyrs envy him.” (1) But what is the reason for this position?

It is the day of Tasua (the ninth day of the month of Muharram). Abbas (PBUH) is sitting in the presence of the Master of martyrs (PBUH). At that moment, a commander from the  army of enemy arrives and shouts, “Tell Abbas ibn Ali and his brothers to come.”

Abbas (PBUH) hears that, but does not pay attention, as if he has not heard anything. He is sitting politely in the presence of his master Hussain ibn Ali (PBUT). At this time Imam Hussain (PBUH) says, ”Answer him, although he is a corrupt person.”

Abbas (PBUH) comes out of the tent, and realizes that it is Shemr ibn Dhi al-Jowshan that has called him. Having a family relation to Abbas (PBUH) from Abbas’ (PBUH) mother side both being from the same tribe, Shemr had brought a letter of immunity for Abbas (PBUH) and his brothers from his mother side before arriving from Kufah. As Shemr finished his words, the face of Abbas (PBUH) turned red, and anger ran through all his veins. He made a fury and said, “Allah curse you and the one who has given you this letter, what have you thought for me? Have you thought that I will leave my Imam and master Hussain Ibn Ali (PBUT) and come with you for the sake of my life? The mother who has raised us has not trained us like that…”

The next day, with the utmost loyalty to his Imam, first he sent his brothers to the battlefield, and after them, he stayed alone. Then he donated his life to his master excellently. Yes, this was what happened…

This is the extent of nobility, pureness, and self-sacrifice!

We only look to the surface of an action. We usually do not look to the inner layers of the action to see its value. But Imam Sadiq (PBUH) explained it to us and said, “God bless our uncle Abbas who sacrificed his life, and succeeded in the divine exam in the most excellent way possible.”(2)

(The above is a selection from “Hamaseye Hussaini” by Late Scholar Mutahhari, with minor changes)

 The Roshd website offers its condolences upon the remembrance day of the teacher of moralities and the defender of the position of Wilayah, the oppressed martyr, Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abitalib (PBUT).


1. Absaar al-Ayn fi Ansar al-Hussain (PBUH), p. 27

2. Absaar al-Ayn fi Ansar al-Hussain (PBUH), p. 27

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