We live in a world in which electronic prefectures, globalization, information explosion and technology are the dominant topics. With the latest technology we have discovered scientific aspects very fast, knowing that without this technology, it would take us years to discover the same. But it seems that these scientific progresses and their consequent comforts have not answered what mankind is looking for and even his simplest needs, and probably the most important of all, technology has not able to provide peace.

Statistics show that the rate of mental illnesses, such as depression, is increasing rapidly and the surprising thing is that these problems are more common in modern countries… What could be the reason?

Maybe the reason is that the humans, who have to manage a daily program for enjoyment of their bodies, have not taken any notice of the other aspect of their natures, their spirits.

We all are looking for something that calms our anxious mind, a peace and comfort which makes our lives enjoyable, but we are unaware of the fact that we would be comfortable only by satisfying our innate needs, those which have been with us since the time we were created. Mankind needs a great support, an infinite power to depend on, and no one has competence except Allah (SWT). People have forgotten Allah (SWT) or they have used to believe in a God who can do nothing…

But if we look carefully to the people who are searching a refuge, we find a group who have found their refuge and become comfortable under the protection of this refuge.

Shiites have confidence in Allah (SWT) and His alights, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his Family (Ahl al-Bayt) (PBUT). Allah (SWT) has all the possible accomplishments, power and knowledge; He has assigned them as His representatives on earth.

Shiites also believe in a person who is their live Leader and Master, he has divine power beyond being their intimate friend and helping them in strained circumstances. He has the ability to do anything. Yes, he is their Imam, Mahdi (PBUH). Anyone, who has confidence in him, never becomes anxious, depressed or hopeless.

Other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and Imam Mahdi (PBUT), Shiites consider having divine power and knowledge for 12 persons, the Prophet’s family (PBUT). Although they have passed this world, their spiritual presence is permanent and they are aware of what we do and they favor with us.

Seeking prosperity we should try to know these persons and ask them for help and open our hearts to them, because they are assigned by Allah (SWT) and they possess all the keys to help us.

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