Islam has considered a method of greeting when people approach each other, and that is the word Salam.

Amongst all the slogans that people and communities have with each other, the word Salam can be said to be the most meaningful.  What truly is better that to greet another person with Silm, saying Silm be upon you, meaning may peace, friendship, health, and joy be upon you.

Islam is the religion of joy, peace and goodness.  It is the religion of brotherhood.  When we say Salam upon seeing another Muslim, we are saying I am your brother, you are my brother, and I pray and wish for your health and happiness.  And by health, it is referring to spiritual, social, physical, mental, and various other health.

There are those who begin speaking without the utterance of Salam.  Once, Imam Hussein (PBUH) was approached by a man who started speaking without saying Salam.  The Imam responded with, “Salam precedes all speech.  May God give you health.”1

Imam Hussein (PBUH) has also said, “He who refuses to give Salam is a miser.”2

It has also been said that he who says Salam first has done a more valuable task.  In this regards, the Imam has said, “Saying Salam has 70 rewards and blessings, in which 69 of those belongs to the person who said Salam first, and the other one belongs to the person who responds.”3, 4


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Fifteen Narrations have also been used in this piece.

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