What is hard work and effort? What really matters is luck! Effort, knowledge, art, science and physical power mean nothing! Luck is what gets things done and not brain power. If you’re lucky, then there’s nothing competency or expertise can do for you. But whatever bad happens, it is on a cursed day. Damn these days…

Now if we asked the people who said these words, “Could you please define “luck”? Perhaps you can explain what luck is or you might have felt it in your life.” They are not likely to have an answer.

Hassan Ibn Mas’ud narrates, “I came to visit my master Ab al-Hassan al-Hadi (PBUH). In that day I had experienced a number of difficult incidents; my finger was wounded and I had an accident with a horse rider that caused a severe injury to my shoulder; in addition I had an unexpected argument which had caused my clothing to tear. So when I saw Imam Hadi (PBUH), I told him in sorrow, ‘What a cursed day! May Allah (SWT) protect me from the distress of this day!’ Imam Hadi (PBUH) said, ‘O Hassan! What are you saying? You are with us and yet you put the fault of your own sins on other things!”

Hassan Ibn Mas’ud says, “I came to myself once I heard Imam’s words and realized my mistake. I replied, ‘My master! I said wrongly and I repent to Allah (SWT)’. Imam Hadi (PBUH) continued, ‘O Hassan! What has ‘days’ done wrong, so that whenever you are being punished for what you sinned, they get the blame of your wrong doing.’ Hassan Ibn Mas’ud continues, “O Son of the great Prophet! I will repent forever and shall never associate the reflection of my deeds to days and time…”(1)

As we can observe in this narration from Imam Hadi (PBUH), one of the causes of difficult incidents in life is our own inappropriate actions. In this narration the Imam (PBUH) emphasizes on the fact that considering some days as a cursed time (i.e. being out of luck) will not only help anyone at all, but also Allah (SWT) will reproach that person for, why she/he is placing the fault on an innocent element of this universe.

Further, there is a difference between one who believes in “…that man can have nothing but what he strives for…” (2) and the one who does not believe in effort and hard work. How different are these two group of people: one who believes “…surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition…”(3) and one who believes in luck.

(The above is a selection from “Collection of Works of Late Scholar Murtada Mutahhati”, vol. 23 and 25, with little changes)

Roshd website congratulates all Muslims and especially you dear friend, upon 15th of Dhi al-Hijjah, the birthday anniversary of the tenth heavenly leader and Imam, Imam Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hadi(PBUH).


1. Tohfal Uqool, p. 482

2. The Holy Quran, (53:39)

3. The Holy Quran, (13:11)

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