The preaching method of all the Prophets has been based on humility and modesty; because whoever wants to convey a message to the people, especially if it is the message of the Lord, has to be extremely humble and modest towards them. In other words, such a person has to stay away from being pretentious, avoid self-praise, refrain from belittling people, and at the same time oppose the arrogant and conceited people. This Divine behavior would cause the people to accept the sayings of the messengers. Prophet Jesus (PBUH), the great messenger of the Lord, was no exception to this rule; in fact, he taught his followers to be such.

One day, Prophet Jesus (PBUH) approached his disciples and said to them,” I have a request from you; I will ask it only if you promise to fulfill it”.

The disciples replied,” O messenger of the Lord! We will obey whatever you ask”.

Then, Prophet Jesus (PBUH) got up, bent towards the disciples, and started washing their feet one after the other. The disciples felt uncomfortable and ashamed; however, since they had promised to fulfill his request, they remained silent and submissive as Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was washing their feet. Once Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was done, the disciples told him,” O messenger of the Lord! You are our teacher. It was appropriate that we washed your feet rather than you washing ours!”

Prophet Jesus (PBUH) replied,” I did so to teach you that the most appropriate ones to help people are scholars. I did so to be humble, and to teach you humbleness, so that when you undertake teaching and guiding people after me, and you treat people with humbleness and favor. Indeed, wisdom grows on the grounds of humbleness, not arrogance; just like plants grow in soft soils rather than hard lands of the mountains.  

(The above is a selection taken from “The Narrative of Veracious”, by the Martyr Scholar Murtada Mutahhari (with some additions))

The Roshd Website congratulates all the monotheists of the world, especially you dear friend, upon the birthday anniversary of the chosen servant of the Lord and His great messenger, Prophet Jesus (PBUH).


1. Disciples were some close companions and students of Prophet Jesus (PBUH)

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