One of the most important methods of identifying a Prophet is to observe a supernatural act from them, which is referred to as “sign” or “evidence” in the Holy Quran and “miracle” among the Muslims.  

Since the mission of the previous Prophets was bound to a specified and limited time interval, the application of their miracles was also restricted and limited to the people of their time; because some of the people at their time would actually “see” the miracles and the argument would be complete on them through this observation, while others would become aware of it by “consecutive” and “successive narration”, and this would lead them to certainty and faith.   

Nevertheless, an eternal religion must have and eternal miracle; because if it is limited to a specific time, those living before and after it can not observe it visually, and the news and narrations of it could fade as time passes, or at least doubts could raise about it.

Therefore, the argument on the people living afterwards who have not observed the miracle would be incomplete.    

This issue expresses an important fact in regards with Divine religions. As such, Ayatullah Khoei, one of the great Shia scholars, has discussed this subject with a Jewish scholar where he mentioned that the time for Judaism has passed and their arguments and miracles have come to an end…      

In their discussion, Ayatollah Khoei asked the Jewish scholar, ”Is Judaism restricted to the Jews or is it general for all the people and nations?” If it is only for the Jews, then other nations need another Prophet. Could that Prophet be anyone other than the Prophet of Islam? If the religion of Moses (PBUH) is universal, it has to have an eternal and live proof. However, there is no such proof available today; because the miracles of Moses (PBUH) were confined to his own time. In fact, there remained no evidence for them after him so that they would lead into certainty, guarantee the continuation of Judaism for ever, and be a testimony in all times and eras.

If you argue that although those miracles do not exist today, numerous narrations of them could prove their existence, we would respond by saying:

1. A miracle could be proven by narrations only if the narrators are so many that it would lead into certainty. However, the existence of that many narrators of the miracles of Moses (PBUH) during all times and among all nations can not be proven.

2. If narrations of miracles are enough to prove their existence, this is not confined to the miracles of Moses (PBUH). While the Jews narrate the miracles of Moses (PBUH), The Christians narrate the miracles of Jesus (PBUH), and the Muslims narrate the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP). What is the difference between these narrations that makes you believe in the miracles of Moses (PBUH) and not the others? If narrating the miracles of a Prophet is a testimony to his Prophethood, then why do you not believe in the other Prophets whose miracles have been narrated?

At this point, the Jew scholar said, ”The miracles of Moses (PBUH) that are narrated by the Jews are accepted by Christians and the Muslims, and they believe in them; however, the miracles of other Prophets are disputed among people. Therefore, they need other proofs for their Prophethood.

Ayatullah Khoei replied, ”Indeed! Although the Christians and the Muslims believe in the miracles of Moses (PBUH), it is not through narrations of the Jews. They accept those miracles because their own Prophets have report about those miracles. The Christians and the Muslims recognize the miracles of Moses (PBUH) through their own Prophets, and if they did not believe in their Prophethood, they would not have any means to evaluate the miracles of Moses (PBUH). 

This argument applies not only to Judaism, but also to all the previous religions. Nonetheless, Islam is the only religion whose miracle is eternal and alive in all times and era; it is circulated among all nations and generations, and it will speak to all mankind and guide them towards the truth up to the Day of Judgment.    

In fact, we come to know Islam and believe in it through this eternal miracle, the Holy Quran. Once we have recognized and accepted Islam, we are bound to believe in the previous Prophets; because the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) have attested and endorsed them.

In brief, the Holy Quran is the only eternal and everlasting miracle which approves all the previous Divine scriptures, attests the truthfulness and purity of all previous Prophets, and endorses them.”

(The above is a selection taken from “Al-Bayaan fi Tafsir al-Quran” (1), by the Grand Ayatullah Khoei (with some changes))

The Roshd Website congratulates all the freemen, especially you dear friend, upon 27th of Rajab, the commencement of the descent of the Holy Quran and the appointment of the last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP).


1- The above passage is extracted from the Persian translation of the book “Al-Bayaan fi Tafsir al-Quran”, named “Expression of knowledge and general issues in the Holy Quran”, by Muhammad Sadiq Najmi and Hashim Hashim-Zadeh Harisi.

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