After the incident of Ashura one of the key educational efforts of Imam Sajjad was to educate his followers in virtues and moralities, focusing on their behavior and language, which impacts one morality. His advise to protect the thoughts and beliefs through socializing with those who have piety were among the important guidelines of growth.

Imam Sajjad (PBUH) used to advise people to pay attention to themselves and do not be tempted by the deceit of evil and he thus used to say: “It is not proper of you to sit and socialize with just anyone, as Allah (SWT) says: ‘And when you see those who enter into false discourses about Our communications, withdraw from them until they enter into some other discourse’” (Holy Quran 6:68).

And he also used to say: “It is not proper for you to say whatever you wish as Allah (SWT) has said in the Sura al-Isra’: ‘And follow not that of which you have not the knowledge’ (17:36) and also the Prophet has said: ‘May Allah have merci on the one who says only the good things which ultimately is beneficial or otherwise stays quiet, in which he would be safe.’” … Imam Sajjad further continues on this note: “ It is inappropriate to do just whatever you wish; Allah (SWT) has said: ‘Verily, the ear and the eye and the heart – all these shall be called to account’” (17:36).

Imam Ali ibn al-Hussain (PBUH) is advising the Islamic nation to prevent socializing with oppressors, deceivers and those who have no interest in piety; as this will only waste a part of our life. Imam has offered guidelines during the Umayyids rule that had started to spread the most deceiving concepts in addition to superstition into the society, resulting in gatherings, which has no outcome other than sins. Therefore, Imam Sajjad fought his way back through educating those who had an interest from his community in Medina all the way to remote travelers from Syria, Iraq and other countries.

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