The night of Sha’ban the 15th was coming to the end. The moment was slowly approaching, and yet for those waiting it seemed like years…

Finally, the waiting ceased as a halo of light geared all attentions to the birth of the newborn. The promised savior of the world was born and his birth lightened the whole universe. His mother Narjes full of pride and laughter, as the rest of the house share this joy with uttering praises to the Allah Almighty.

Indeed this honor has been bestowed solely upon the lineage of prophethood that the savior of mankind and him who will rise to establish world peace is from the grand family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP).

Establishing a global government and society is a widely discussed topic in present day international organizations. These organizations get together under the subheading of unity to strengthen ties amongst societies. Although most of these organizations hold political intentions that they do not openly express, however establishing these organizations shows that human nature is constantly seeking universal, sociological, religious, and political unity.  Thus all these virtual movements provide grounds for one true movement toward establishing a global government. 

For the man of this era who has discovered the natural forces of the world and claims that he can destroy all beings in less than an hour, would he sit calmly and cease carrying on wars? How can we expect the man of current century who distanced himself from spirituality and moralities, and who would do anything to reach his position and power over others, to see peace and calmness?

It has been recorded in Islamic narrations that there will eventually come a time where the world faces the hardest dilemmas; the fire of oppression and violence will fill the entire earth.  It is in these moments that the leaders of the countries lose control and get frustrated over governing their societies and thus threaten humanity to extinction. In such a time weak nations and oppressed people find that they cannot get help from organizations and societies that called themselves protectors of human rights and minorities. In such a time weapons of mass destruction reach their utmost excellence, and on the contrary human morals and values diminish and are replaced with corrupted moralities in the society.

Wouldn’t all these reasons be enough for human beings to realize that after a series of wars, when they saw that all their efforts ended in lack of morals and humanity, that they come to accept a just and spiritual government whom its base is on faith in Allah (SWT) and in the Day of Judgment?

Thus in this time a divine reformer whose arrival, characteristics, and qualities had already been mentioned before, arises and begins to reform the world of all its oppressions and adversities.

According to Islamic sources this reformer will bring the world under one just government.  During his time, the world will be governed by divine laws. All the corporations and institutions will work to create comfort, reconstruction and cultivation. And eventually life will become in such a way that not a single poor person will remain. (1)

In an authentic narration Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) has said  that even if one day is left from the life of the world, Allah (SWT) will lengthen that day so much until the Promised Mahdi comes and fills the earth with justice and peace; as it has been filled with injustice and oppression.(2)

We and all humans are awaiting such a day, and we see the future bright and shining. Thus with a soul full of hope and happiness we act upon our duties and congratulate humanity on the birthday of the final savior, especially those whom have had enough of seeing oppression, corruption, and destruction.

O Allah please hasten his reappearance, ease his returning, and make us of his helpers and companions!

(Selection taken from “Glad Tidings of Peace and Security” by the Great Ayatullah Safi Gulpayigani, with minor changes)

On behalf of Roshd Website we congratulate humanity and all awaitors on the birthday of the protector of Allah’s (SWT) religion; the promised savior and the establisher of divine justice, Imam Mahdi (PBUH).


1- These material have been recorded in both Sunni and Shia sources.  For more information you may refer to the book Muntakhab al-Athar by Ayatullah Safi Golpayegani.

2-  The Prophet has said, “If only one day remains of the earths life, Allah will lengthen that day until a man from my progeny rises and fills the earth with justice, as it has been filled with oppression and injustices.” (The Occultation by Shaikh Tusi, p.180)  This hadith can also be seen in the following sources:

Shia Sources: Kamal al-Din, p.280; Kashf al-Ghummah, vol. 3, p.244; Majma’ al-Bayan, vol.7, p.120

Sunni Sources: Sunan Abu Dawud, vol. 2, p. 310; Musnad Ahmad, vol.1 p.99; Dar al-Manthur by Suyuti, vol.6, p.58

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