One of the common teachings of all Divine religions is piety, and putting the effort to protect the soul through obedience and submission. Whenever prophet a was sent to the people by Allah (SWT), in addition to administering their teachings, they placed great emphasis on the importance of observing divine-set limits. Prophets invited their people to piety, and warned them on disobedience towards Allah (SWT).

Since purity of the soul and achievement of excellent morality is the key to entering Allah’s (SWT) Kingdom, there are on occasion communication between Allah (SWT) and His Messengers regarding the observance of divine laws.  The following account is a similar talk between Prophet Isa/Jesus (PBUH) and Allah (SWT):

“O Isa! Wherever you are, remember Me, and bear witness that I have created you and that you are My Servant…Your word should be one both in private and public, and so should your heart and sight!  Stay far from the desire that distances you from Me; and know that you are to Me as a trustworthy messenger, thus fear Me…

O Isa! In the lonely corridors of this world, do not forget Me… be happy with good works, for they please Me, and cry upon ill-deeds for they are ugly; and do not do that which you do not want done unto you…

O Isa! Fear Me, and tell My servants to fear Me as well; perhaps the sinful will stop what they are doing, and they can only prevent destruction through awareness… (Know that) the best of you for Me is the most obedient one of you, the one who fears Me most…

O Isa! Tell the evil-doers of Bani-Israel, ‘Have you received a letter of protection or a letter of freedom from Me? Are you exposing yourself to My punishment?  I swear to Myself, I will make you an example for the future generations!”…

O Isa! In times of hardship, ask Me for help for I am the Helper of the sorrowful, and the One who responds to the call of the unfortunate.  It is I, the Kindest of the kind’.”

Prophet Isa (PBUH), the son of Mary, would speak to his companions on these matters, and would often warn them about getting close to sin.  In a sermon to his disciples, Prophet Isa (PBUH) once said, “Musa/Moses (PBUH) the prophet of Allah (SWT), had told you to not sin, and I am telling you to not even think about sinning! For whoever thinks of sin is like a person who has set fire to a beautiful house; even if the house does not burn down, the smoke will destroy and blacken the accessories inside.”2 This wise statement illustrates the dedication of the Prophet of Allah to the training of a Allah-fearing and pious community.

The teachings to consider piety exists in the teachings of all divine prophets, which is illustrative of the fact that messages of evangelism and hope is not enough for the human excellence.  Truly it is in the shade of being Allah-fearing and pious that a person can reach the highest levels of humanity.  The mother of Isa (PBUH), Mary Uzra (PBUH) was considered the most Allah-fearing of all women of her time, and Allah placed her as an apparent proof and the example of goodness.  Imam Sadiq (PBUH) has said, “On the Day of Judgment, they will bring a woman who fell to sin because of her beauty.  She will say, ‘O Lord! You created me beautiful that is why I sinned.’ And in that moment they will present to her Mary (PBUH) and will tell her, ‘Are you more beautiful, or is she? We created her beautiful, but she did not fall to temptation, and did not sin.”3

(Selection taken from the book Usul al-Kafi by Sheikh Kuleini (with minor changes))

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The Pious Prophet, and Allah’s Righteous Servant,

Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (PBUH)


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