Lady Maryam (Mary), daughter of Imran, was the Messiah’s mother. When Maryam’s mother was pregnant, assuming her child would be a boy, she made a vow offering her child as servant to a mosque (Moharrer). When she gave birth, seeing her child was a girl, she became very upset. Nonetheless, she named her daughter “Maryam”, which was another word for servant. Maryam’s father had passed away before her birth, so her mother was obliged to take her to the mosque and put her under the care of Jewish priests.  Priests argued about who should have guardianship over Maryam. Not reaching a conclusion, they decided to draw lots. Prophet Zachariah’s (PBUH) name was selected from the lot, and thus he became guardian to Maryam until she reached the age of puberty.  Thereafter, Prophet Zakariya (PBUH) created a veil and cover between Lady Maryam and the priests; and Lady Maryam would worship within the cover…

Lady Maryam (PBUH) was pious, infallible, pure, and chosen. She was a sign of Allah (SWT) for all, and was also capable of communicating with the angles. For example, in an incident, one of the angles informed her that Allah (SWT) has chosen and purified her. (1)

After Lady Maryam (PBUH) reached maturity, and had resided behind the curtains of the adytum, Allah (SWT) descended Rooh – one of the great angles of Allah (SWT). He appeared to Lady Maryam (PBUH) as a genuine human.  He told her that he was only a messenger from her Lord who has come to gift her with a boy by His will, a boy without a father. He gave glad tidings, notifying that her son will present miracles, and Allah (SWT) will confirm him with the Holy Sprit. Finally the angel informed her that Allah (SWT) will teach her son theology, Torah, and Gospel, and will appoint him as a messenger to the Children of Israel. (2)

Prophet Isa (PBUH), also referred to as Jesus, was appointed in his youth and sent to the Jewish community. He had the responsibility of inviting people to the monotheistic religion. He declared: “I have come to you with a miracle from your Lord. The miracle is such that I will make something that resembles the shape of a bird from clay. I will then breathe into the figure, and by Allah’s will this figure will become a live bird. I can heal those that are blind from birth and those infected with incurable leprosy. I can bring the dead back to life by the will of Allah, and I can inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Surly there is a sign for you in this; that which Allah is my Lord and your Lord, and you must worship Him.”(3)

Prophet Isa (PBUH) invited people to the new religious rulings, which confirmed the rulings brought by Prophet Musa (Moses) (PBUH). Nonetheless he abrogated some of the jurisprudence brought by Prophet Musa (PBUH) (4) and would say: “I have come to you with wisdom in order to clarify your disputes”.  He would also say: “O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah upon you, confirming the Torah which was the Holy Book before me and giving glad tidings of a messenger who will come after me; his name is Ahmad.”

Prophet Isa (PBUH) continued his mission of inviting the Children of Israel to Monotheism and to the new teachings, until he lost hope in their acceptance of faith.   When he saw the disobedience and enmity of the people and of the Jewish priests toward his invitation, he chose a few of the people who believed in his teachings as “Hawariun” (disciples) to assist him in this mission.

Nevertheless, the Jews rebelled and decided to kill him, but Allah (SWT) saved him from the Jews and ascended Prophet Isa (PBUH) toward Himself. The Jews did not know this however. Some of them thought that they had killed him, while others thought they had hanged him. But Allah (SWT) states in the Holy Quran: “Nor was it this, nor was it that; but it appeared to them as such.” (4)

The above is only a portion of the things the Holy Quran states about Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PBUH) and his mother, Maryam (Mary) (PBUH)…

(Selected from “Tafsir al-Mizan”, by Allamah Tabataba’ei)

Congratulations to all monotheists around the world for the birthday of the Messenger of Monotheism and kindness, Prophet Isa (Jesus) (PBUH).


1- The following verses suggest the mentioned admirable qualities of Maryam (PBUH):




2- These meanings can be obtained from these verses:


3- Those commandments were a few of the orders that were declared in the Torah because of severing and reprimanding of the Jews.

4- These meanings are derivated from these verses:


(43: 63-65)




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