Do Muslims and Christians believe in the Same God?


In reply to this question, we will provide several verses from the Holy Quran, which are actually a representation of Muslim beliefs about Allah (SWT). It is noteworthy to mention however, that the principles of theism all derive from intellectual and rational reasoning. These principles have been confirmed and verified by the Holy Quran too. Moreover there are various verses which apply the conclusions of these principles for the purpose of reminding mankind. In this excerpt we will try to only touch on a few of these conclusions.

a) “Say: He, Allah, is Unique and One” (1); “… and He does not have a partner in His kingdom and ownership …” (2). Therefore, Allah (SWT) is One and He does not have a partner.

b) “They said: ‘Allah has taken a son! He is free (from any defect and need)! He is self-sufficient! His are what is in the heavens and what is in the earth! You do not have any reason for this claim! Do you attribute to Allah what you do not know?! ” (3) – “He did not beget, nor was He begotten …” (4)

As stated in the verse, Allah (SWT) does not have any son, nor was He born of a father; he is also free from all defects.

c) “… and Allah is able to do all things.” (5)

And thus, Allah (SWT) has an unlimited power.

d) “… Allah who is the knower of the unseen and things to the weight of a particle in the heavens and the earth are not hidden from Him, and neither less than that nor greater …” (6)

The knowledge of Allah (SWT) encompasses all.

e) “(He) is Allah (the God) who all the needy people seek Him.” (7)

According to this verse Allah (SWT) is not in need of anything/anyone, rather all the needy people seek Him.

f) “Allah is the Creator of all things and He is the Guardian and Watcher of everything.” (8) So Allah (SWT) is the creator of all the creatures.

“… nothing is like him…” (9)

Therefore one cannot compare Allah (SWT) to any of His creations.

From what was mentioned above, we come to this conclusion that the Lord whom the Muslims love, is the creator of everything and everyone; yet he was not born of a parent, nor does He have a son.  Allah – the God of Muslims – has unlimited power, and nothing is hidden from His knowledge. He is free from all defects and need; furthermore all the needy people ask their need from Him. He is Unique and there is no identical existence to be His partner. As He is the creator and all else fall under His creations, He is not comparable and cannot be compared to His creatures.

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