The Gem of Silence
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The Gem of Silence

Talkativeness has numerous unpleasant consequences in which can be observed in the daily lifestyle. One of the teachings of divine Prophets was to avoid talkativeness and speaking less. In an advise by Prophet Jesus (PBUH):

“O sons of Israel, to speak less is a great and important matter. Therefore, it is upon you to be silent; as (for silence) there is a secret calmness, reduction of mistakes and lessens the weight of sins.”

One who chooses to be silent has more time to think and when it is upon talking has the advantage of saying what is wiser; thus reducing the chance to say something that is wrong or even sinful. Prophet Jesus (PBUH) said to his companions:

“I advise you to place the seal of silence on your mouths so that you never say something inappropriate.”

The teachings of all divine religions encourages followers to be more of a listener that a speaker. One who speaks less has more focus and will be a better listener. Thus, one should try to speak as little as possible and further try to expose her/himself to words of wisdom instead of talkative ones. Prophet Jesus (PBUH) continued in his previous advise:

“words of wisdom are what a believer has lost; so try to find it….”

Roshd Website congratulates you dear friend on the birth of

The Pious Prophet, and Allah’s Righteous Servant,

Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (PBUH)

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