Imam Hassan (PBUH) was given the title the benevolent of the Prophet’s Progeny1, and this title fully illustrates the generosity of the Imam.  History is filled with incidents of the Imam’s generosity.2   The Imam’s stance on the act of charity and his method of treating the poor and needy is exemplary for all mankind, a few of which we will present in this article.

The Imam was asked why he never refuses a request from a person in need, even if the Imam himself was in need of that request.  The Imam (PBUH) responded: “I too am a needy person in the presence of Allah, and hopeful for His blessings and generosity.  I therefore feel ashamed (to not help the one in need) when I, myself, am a beggar and in need of the Lord.  Allah has made me accustomed to the blessings He has always bestowed upon me.  It is as though He too has become accustomed to me giving from His blessings to the people.  I therefore fear breaking this habit and refusing the one who requests (something from me), for I fear that if I break this habit and refuse one who requests, Allah will take away the benefit of his blessings.”3

  Once a man visited the Imam (PBUH).  The Imam asked for his purpose of visit.  The man handed the Imam a written letter with his request.  The man put his request in writing and the Imam offered him double his original request.  Those present among the Imam’s companions said, “O son of Allah’s messenger! The man’s letter sure had a lot of blessings for him!”

The Imam responded, “The blessings of this letter was much more for us!  For, this letter placed us among the doers of good and the generous.  Don’t you know generosity becomes valuable only when it is given before the person in need requests.  If it is offered after the request, it would be a response to his loss of face.”4

The Month of Ramadan, the month of God’s blessings is a great opportunity for building oneself and creating change in society.  One of the best acts of worship in this month is helping the poor and those in need.  May we follow the example of the one born in this month, the generous of the Ahlul Bayt (PBUT) and benefit from the blessings of this divine month.

Selection chosen from the book Imam Mujtaba (PBUH), the Light to the Heart of Mustafa (PBUH&HP) by Ayatullah Sheikh Ahmad Rahmani Hamedani.

On Behalf of Roshd Website, we Congratulate you Dear Friend and All Muslims upon the 15th of the Blessed Month of Ramadan, Birth Anniversary of the Manifestation and Generous of the Ahlul Bayt (PBUT), and the Second Imam of the Shia—Imam Hassan Mujtaba (PBUH).

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1.     Here it is important to note that at times the nicknames of an infallible leader is given to them by other infallible leaders (direct narration).  But sometimes the nicknames are there due to a trait of the Imam that becomes even more obvious in society.  As earlier mentioned, Imam Hassan (PBUH) became known as “the Generous” due to his innumerable offerings and help to the needy.  In other words, even though all the Imams (PBUT) were manifestations of kindness and generosity, in Imam Hassan (PBUH), this trait was even more evident in Imam Hassan (PBUH).

2.     More examples can be found in the following, this or this article.

3.     Noor al-Absar, p.135; Annexes on the Allocation of Rights, vol.11 p.151

4.     Annexes on the Allocation of Rights, vol.11 p.147.

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