Hope to the Future

In our time the world has filled with injustice, wars and all kinds of oppressions which are very disturbing for mankind. Oppression has widespread so much that humanity has been ignored and unconsciously one may reach hopelessness. So the question

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The Habit of Kindness

Unfortunately the dynasties, such as the Umayyads, Abbasids, the Ottomans in Turkey and today’s Wahhabis, which ruled under the pretext of Islam, showed a dark image of Islam and paved the way for others to blame Islam. These administrations, bearing

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Helping The Downfallen

After 21 years of oppressive rule, Abdel Malek bin Marwan died in 86 A.H, and his son Walid succeeded him. In order to decrease the dissatisfaction of the people he decided to take a moderate approach toward ruling. He especially

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