The Genuine Sacrifice

A believer who, due to staying in Arafat and al-Mash’ar, has come to the position of fully getting to know Allah (SWT) and has undermined his carnal desires, will not naturally hesitate to sacrifice whatever exists on his way in

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A Strong Answer

The manifestation of Imamate was slowly approaching the city of Marw. Excitement and anticipation for the Imam’s arrival filled the city. Ma’mun(1), the Abbasid Caliph, and his companions went ahead to greet the Imam; and Ma’mun was the first to

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Grand, but Humble

“The other aspect in the personality of Hussain (PBUH) that has fascinated me is his humbleness along with his revolutionary spirit. These two traits do not [usually] coexist in one personality. Humbleness is the trait and characteristic of the God’s

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