O Lord! It is hard on us to experience the absence of our Prophet, the occultation of our master and Imam, the abundance of our enemies…, and the severity of our trials.

 (Phrases from Iftitah supplication)

 News about the insulting caricatures naturally shocked and disturbed us. We found ourselves asking the question, “How can a free individual allow himself to mock or remain silent to the mockery of a globally respected authority like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)? Which monotheist can ever tolerate an insult to a divine prophet?

We remembered, the first people who ridiculed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) were pagans and ignorant people who were intolerant of the expansion of Islam, and were unfamiliar with logic, reasoning, and debates. They therefore, hired clowns and comedians to mock the Prophet (PBUH&HP) only so the Prophet’s character could be degraded in the eyes of people, and as a result cease the expansion of Islam. And these were the ignorant people who later became known as symbols of violence and non-civil.

Nonetheless, our hearts still ached from witnessing this first tragedy, and our pens had not reached paper yet, when the enemies of Allah (SWT) once more devised a new plan, bringing the caravan of God believers face to face with the deceit of Qabil’s (Cain) descendants. The holy shrines of two honorable Imams, Imam Hadi (PBUH) and Imam Hassan Askari (PBUH) were attacked by a deviated group.

Insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) yesterday, the painful tragedy of Samarra today, and perhaps further offence to religion and its sacred values tomorrow…

So, we should stay vigilant and firm more than ever, hands in hands and shoulder to shoulder… Verily the future is nothing but light and brightness, and darkness has no destiny but eradication and extermination, because: ”…Surely the earth is Allah’s; He gives it as an inheritance to whomever of His servants He pleases, and the (good) end is for the pious.” (1)

Roshd website along with all freemen of the world and the followers of divine religions voices its opposition and strongly condemns the insults to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and the desecration of the holy shrines of Samarra.  As a humble member of the Shia community, we offer our condolences to Imam Mahdi (PBUH) upon these two tragedies.

Also, while understanding the complexity in the conspiracies of the enemies in today’s world, and considering this critical situation and vital period, the Roshd website, along with all Shiites, see it more than before as duty to vigorously follow the orders and advices of the Maraje’ and respected scholars.

With the hope for the reappearance of our Master, Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance)…

Peace be upon those who follow guidance

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1- The Holy Quran (7, 128)

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