There are many narrations about Imam Jawad (PBUH) that he knew what was in the heart of people or he used to foresee certain incidents from the future. Also Ma’moon the wisest Abbasid caliph had admitted to Imam Jawad’s sheer knowledge in debates with himself and other scholars on several occasions.

These narrations do not imply that the Imam had knowledge of the unknown without any condition (on his own). But it indicates that unlike normal people who grasp knowledge through the means of experience or attention to a subject, all Imams are in-touch (connected) with Allah through intuition or the traditions of Prophet Muhammad1. This is how they gain their depth of knowledge. Faith in the power of Allah and the fact that He can do anything He desires allows for one to perform anything (including knowledge of the future) if Allah has desires so.

It has been narrated that one of the governors of Medina (Abbasid Dynasty) was a man named Faraj al-Rukhaji at the time of Imam Jawad (PBUH). He was very much against Prophet’s progeny and their followers. One day when he was standing with Imam Jawad on the side of Euphrates; he turned to Imam and said: “Your followers claim that you know how much water there is in this river and how much in weights.” Imam Jawad replied: “Do you think Allah (SWT) can give such knowledge to a mosquito?” Faraj replied: “Sure; He can do that.”

Imam Jawad (PBUH) said: “I’m more dear than a mosquito and most other creatures for Allah (SWT)”.

Indeed doubt in the power of Allah is far more fragile than doubting in the light of the Sun. Though there is room for doubting on one who makes such claims of knowing things normal people cannot learn; so it is necessary to research and find out about the truth of such claims. Nonetheless after seeing so many authentic narrations from the Prophet (PBUH&HP) about his Progeny’s status the result of investigation is fairly clear.

So, it is expected that there are narrations about the Imams performing incredible things.  How difficult is it really for Allah to give the knowledge of what is not known to the one who He trusts and purified for the guidance of all?

The Roshd Website congratulates all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon the 10th   day of Rajab, the birthday anniversary of Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Jawad (PBUH).


1. On Proof of narrations Each Imam addressed his father until it reached Amir al-Mumenin who narrated from the Prophet of Allah (PBUT).

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