Muawiyah used to make efforts to deceive the people in believing that his relationship with Hassan bin Ali (PBUH) is good in order to benefit from the popularity of the Ahl ul-bait (PBUT) for his own interests. In this respect he made a lot of efforts to develop marital ties with the Bani Hashem so that he pretend to be family. Therefore he sent Marwan bin Hakam, the ruler of Medina, to make a proposal for the daughter of Abdullah bin Jaffar, Amir al-Moumenin’s (PBUH) son in law (who was also Imam Hassan and Imam Hossein’s (PBUT) cousin) to marry his son Yazid. Muawiyah told to Marwan: “for we have insistence on this marriage you don’t have any limitations concerning financial promises, and because Abdullah is in debt to a number of people, assure hum that his debs will be paid in full.”

Marwan bin Hakam delivered Muawiyah’s message to Abdullah bin Jaffar, and he replied: “we have to consult our master Hassan bin Ali (PBUH) and do what he suggests.”

Marwan arranged for a meeting and invited the notables from Bani Hashem and Bani Umayyad and made a place at the top of the gathering for Imam Hassan (PBUH) and confidently presented the proposal of Muawiyah from the daughter of Abdullah for Yazid, and said: “whatever her father decides for the amount of dowry would be accepted, and we will pay the debts of Abdullah; and between Bani Hashem and Bani Umayyad will be a permanent peace as well.” Then he continued: “Yazid is a young man with no equal. You have to know that by this marriage the horror received by Bani Hashem will be much more than the horror received by Bani Umayyad …”

After he finished his words, Imam Hassan (PBUH) stood up and replied:

“When you said the dowry will be accepted no matter how much her father decides, you have to keep in mind that in the marriage of our children we follow the tradition of the Great Prophet (PBUH&HP) and we do not exceed what he recommended. With respect to the debs of her father, it has never been a case in which we pay our debs by the dowry of our daughters1. (1-Dowry is owned solely by the bride) If there is a conflict between Bani Hashem and Bani Umayyad it is for the sake of Allah, and there will be no peace through the worldly affairs on this matter. With respect to your words that the honor received by Bani Hashem from this marriage will be more than Bani Umayyad’s, it should be said that if caliphate (as for ruling) was superior to prophethood, then what you say would be correct. However, prophethood is superior to caliphate, so it would be Umayyad who will receive the honor, and not us… We saw it prudent that this girl marry her cousin Qasem bin Mohammad bin Jaffar, and I assigned for her dowry one of my agricultural pieces of land in Medinah, which Muawiyah had offered ten thousand dinars for this lanf and I did not accept. For sure this will suffice them2.” (2-Bihar al-Anwar, vol 44, pg. 120, narration# 13)

Accordingly, Imam Hassan (PBUH) prevented that marriage which had the wicked intention of Muawiyah behind it. He also stressed that the disagreement between Bani Hashem and Bani Umayyad is not a tribal one, but rather a matter of religion and guidance.

(Selection from the Hidden Secrets: A research on the political aspects of Imam Hassan’s (PBUH) Life by Ahmad Zamani (with minor changes))


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