The verses of chapter 96 of the Quran apparently show that the Night of Ordainment or Power (Laylatul Qadr) was not specifically restricted to the time of the descent of the Quran and the period of the call of the Messenger of Islam, but rather that it repeats annually until the end of this world. The application of the verb “descend” in the chapter, which is in the future tense, indicates ‘continuity”. And the phrase: “Peace! It is until the rising of the dawn,” shows perpetuity.

Now, a question arises:
To whom do these angels go and to whom do they give these commands and destinies? Where is the place the Spirit descends to? Where is the holy place where all commands carried by angels are brought down upon?

Ref: The Fountain of Paradise: Fatimah Zahra in the Noble Quran, by Naser Makarem Shirazi (translated by Saleem Bhimji)
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