The Descendants of the Messenger of Allah

Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (PBUH) says: “All people are blessed by Allah’s mercy as long as they treat each other kindly, interact trustworthily, and behave honestly and justly.” (1) One day, Harun al-Rashid – the Abbasid Caliph- asked some questions from Imam Kadhim (PBUH) through

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Kindness towards Your Brother in Faith

One of Imam Baqir’s (PBUH) companions, Abi Obadiah, narrates: I used to accompany Imam Baqir (PBUH) in journeys. During the journeys, I would always climb my mount first, and the Imam would climb his mount after I was seated (This

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The Best Way of Living

It is our attitudes towards life which defines our way of living and determines our value, the value which we may rarely think about. How do we view life? Do we look at it through a narrow perspective or

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