Every year Muslims from across the world gather in one of the greatest gatherings on Eid ul Fitr. Millions of Muslims celebrate this day and gather to perform the Eid Salat and recite the Takbir twelve times to thank their Lord. Fazl ibn Shazan has narrated the following from Imam Reza (PBUH):

“The Day of Fitr has become Eid so that it is a location for the gathering and coming together of Muslims; for them to come together and leave their homes for Allah (SWT) and thank Allah for His blessings (and rewards of their worship) with greatness. This day has become Eid so (Muslims) come together (to see each other and learn how each is feeling), break their fast ((after one month of fasting), give Zakat (to the poor) and turn to Allah. And (this) is a day where they present their requests to Allah (SWT).

Allah desires that this day be a social day for Muslims, in which worship and praise of the Lord takes place.
(Also, it is for this reason that) the Takbir recited before the Eid Salat is more than that recited for other Salat, because the act of reciting Takbir is done for the remembering and praising of the Lord and thanking Him for guiding and giving health to the servants, such that Allah the almighty has Himself said, “that you should exalt the greatness of Allah for His having guided you and that you may give thanks.” (Holy Quran 2:185)