Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) used to eat on the ground, sit like servants, repair his shoes with his own hands, patch his clothes with his own hands, and ride on a donkey with another person in the back (1).

He divided his time among his companions, and would cast his gaze at them equally. He never stretched his legs while he was among them. If a man shook hands with him, the Prophet (PBUH&HP) never withdrew his hand until the man did so. When the people knew about this, they would immediately withdraw their hands after shaking his hands (2).

The Prophet (PBUH&HP) used to sit and eat with the needy. He fed them with his own hands; he also honored the learned; treated noble men kindly; and had a love towards his kinship while not deeming his relatives superior to others (3).

The Prophet (PBUH&HP) was the most generous, the bravest, the most truthful and the most faithful of people. In terms of temper, he was the most lenient and in terms of association, he was the most honorable. Anyone who saw him for the first time was filled with awe and anyone who associated with him loved him (4).

(Ethics of The Prophets, by Mohammad Mahdi Taj Langaroodi)

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