Prophet Muhammad (as) taught us that real wisdom means that peace should be sought until those who wish to fight you leave you no other option but to defend yourself and your right to worship God alone. But even then, when the fight is brought to you, follows you, and demands that you defend yourself; the Prophet showed us how to always keep wisdom as our weapon and armor.

The example of the conquest of Mecca stands out in this case. When the Prophet (as) returned to Mecca in victory and having the upper hand after years of persecution and war at the hand of the [pagans of] Quraysh, he did not go back to the city looking for revenge. He went back victorious, yes. But revenge was not taken. Instead wisdom led him to offer forgiveness, peace, and a prayer of: ‘O God, Guide my people!’

In the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet’s wisdom, by the will of God, guided him to understand that he had a great opportunity. A chance to turn warring peoples into a united community. Wisdom here means [that] peace and that justice is not about vengeance. And today, the descendants of these people (of Mecca) are Muslims.

Reference: Theresa Corbin: Lessons from Prophet Muhammad’s Wisdom, Patience & Foresight