Ref : Rawda al Wa’idhin, vol. 1, pg. 52
Sahih Muslim, Hadith 521

When observing some of the companions of Prophet Mohammad, such as Bilal al-Habashi (dark skinned from Africa), Salman al-Farsi (from Persia), Suhayb the Roman (from Rome), Abu Dharr al Ghifari and many others, it becomes evident that race and nationality did not have any significance for the Prophet. In fact these men were even closer than real brothers, and their key common interest was simply Allah, His Messenger, and the religion of Islam.
Allah has never declared a preference for a particular race, ethnicity or nation. After all, He is the creator of races and all of mankind. On this note, the Messenger of Allah has a saying: “All people are Allah’s family…. ”
Ref :Ghorb’ol esnad,pg 120