The night of Qadr is the most important and valuable night of the year. The importance of this night is evident in various verses in the holy Quran. In fact an entire chapter has been named after this night, Surah Qadr (chapter 97). In this chapter, Allah (SWT) addresses His messenger saying, “And what do you know about what the Night of Qadr is?” In the next verse Allah considers this night greater in value than 1000 months.

Qadr is an Arabic word meaning measurement, and its use in this chapter refers to the fate and measure of all affairs that will be decided on this night. Details of events and affairs such as life and death, fortune or misfortune, sustenance and wealth are determined for all people. The angels descend these destined affairs in the form of divine command.

Through verses of the holy Quran and the Prophetic narrations we can deduce that the Night of Qadr is in the holy month of Ramadan.The Quran does not reveal the exact night, but the traditions and narrations present the last 10 nights of Ramadan to have a higher possibility of being the Night of Qadr.

Among the recommended acts for this night is staying awake till dawn and pondering on the issues which help us stay closer to Allah (SWT). For example it is recommended that we evaluate our actions done in the past year and analyze our current goals. Thinking about these issues can help prepare us for benefiting better from this night. Remembering Allah (SWT) in our hearts, helping the poor, and praying for others are some of the other recommended acts of this night.

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