“O Jabir, the believers do not trust in remaining in this world, and they do not feel safe from the coming of the next life. O Jabir, the next life is the permanent house and this world is finishing and passing, yet the people of this world are neglectful. The believers are of deep understanding, people of thinking and learning lessons; what their ears hear does not prevent from them from remembrance of God; their eyes are not blinded in remembering God due to what they see of the worldly attractions (around). They have succeeded in gaining the rewards of the next life just as they have succeeded in gaining that knowledge. …Consider the world a temporary place to stay and then leave forever, or like a property that one finds in his dream and upon waking finds no trace of it…”

Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir (as)
Ref: Kitab al-Kafi Vol. 2 Pg. 133