Prophet Muhammad (sa) remembered Lady Khadija constantly with love, affection and gratitude. Her death filled his heart with deep sadness and sorrow. Lady Khadija passed away on the 10th day of Ramadan in the year 619. Khadija’s death was a great disaster for the Prophet; not only because she was his wife, but also because she was the first lady to believe in his message (1). Khadija also supported her husband with abundant shares of her wealth for the sake of Islam and released the pressure from new Muslim converts. Although the society in which Khadija was born was extremely male chauvinistic, Khadija earned two titles: master of women of Quraysh (2) and al-Tāhira (the pure one) (3) due to her impeccable personality and virtuous character.
The Prophet would remember Khadija vividely throughout his life. Once the Prophet told Āyisha: “Allah has not replaced Khadijah for me with one better than her. She believed in me when people disbelieved in me; she considered me truthful when people accused me of lying; and she helped and comforted me with her wealth when people abandoned me…” (4).
Ref: Lady Khadija’s Biography by Dr. Mohamad Reza Aram
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