As human beings, we have a dire need to communicate with someone who is willing to listen to us and accept us without judgement. This is a need, and we continue to seek this need until we find an environment and means of communication that will accept us as we are. Ugly or pretty, tall or short, happy or sad, rich or poor. As humans we all have our flaws, so the idea of not judging each other based on physical aspects becomes difficult at times. It requires a great deal of work on our “Nafs.” Some people become so tired of not finding the right person or persons who can understand them that they enter a state of solitude and prefer loneliness over communication with others. Yet the need does not disappear even for those people.

At all times, there is one who welcomes our communication with him no matter how or who we are, and who prays for us and our problems as a true friend would. Allah’s selected representative, the Imam of each time has been granted the ability to help guide us towards His path. As the Imam of (our) time (1), he wants nothing more than to see us attain our highest selves for the almighty Allah.

As confirmed in Sunni and Shia sources, Imam Mahdi, son of Imam Hassan Askari and grandson on the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) is the last divine Imam. He manages the affairs of the world, and although we may not reach him directly, it is very easy to communicate with him as the Imams have taught us. A person once asked Imam Hadi, the grandfather of Imam Mahdi on how one can inform his Imam on matters he wants to inform his Lord about, and the Imam responded, “If you need something, just utter , and you will be answered”.

1- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: He who dies without knowing the imam of his time dies the death of ignorance (Musnad Ahmad, vol. 4, p. 96.)