One day, Imam Hassan Mujtaba (PBUH) was passing a place when he met a Syrian man. The Syrian disgraced and cursed Imam Hassan (PBUH). Imam Hassan (PBUH) remained silent until the Syrian was through. Then he greeted him and smiled. Imam then continued, “I suppose that you are a stranger in this city and something has led you in error. If you have a request from me, ask us to provide it. If you ask for guidance from us, we will guide and advise you; if you are hungry, we will feed you; if you are bare, we will clothe you; if you are in need, we will fulfill your need; if you have been driven away from elsewhere, we will shelter you; if you want anything, say so we make it available for you. If you bring your luggage to our house and remain as our guest till the time you are in this city, this will be better for you.”

When the Syrian heard these, he began crying and said, “I attest that you are Allah Almighty’s successor on earth and He knows best where to place His succession. Before meeting you, you and your father were my worst enemies, but now I view you as the dearest persons toward me.”

The Syrian went to Imam Hassan’s (PBUH) house and stayed there while he was in Medina and became one of the devout believers and lovers of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH&HP) family.

(Selected from Muntaha al-Amal, vol. 1, p. 417)

The Roshd website congratulates all Muslims on the anniversary birth of the source of kindness and generosity, and the helper of Allah’s (SWT) religion, Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (PBUH)