George Jordac, renowned Christian author and poet, states:

Ali was like a kind father for all human beings. He gave directions to the officers and governors to behave with the people gently. He behaved harshly with those who oppressed the people and warned them of severe consequences. The following directions given by him reached the ears of the governors continuously: “Redress the grievances of the people and meet their needs because you derive your capital from them. Do not deprive anyone of what he needs, and do not obstruct him from attaining his object. Do not sell the summer or winter dress of anyone to realize revenue. Do not take away from any person a quadruped which is required by him for his business and do not whip a person for even a penny.

In the recommendations made by him to his sons Hasan and Husayn he said: “Be enemies of the oppressors and supporters of the oppressed”. He also said: “Be enemies of the oppressor even though he may be your near relative and support the oppressed person even though he may not be related to you and may be a stranger”. He always endeavoured to punish the oppressors and relieve the people of their wickedness. To achieve this purpose he used his heart, tongue, sword and blood. He always remained a helper of the oppressed and an enemy of the oppressors. Following this path he never relaxed till the end of his life.

Ali was so kind to human beings that, as we shall mention in detail later, he ordered that his murderer,the wicked Ibn Muljim might be treated kindly.

(The Voice of Human Justice: George Jordac)

– Painting by Ali Bahreini.