The Message of Devotion

"O People! The Messenger of Allah has said: If anyone witnesses an oppressive ruler - who permits that which has been forbidden by Allah, breaks the divine covenant, opposes the Prophet's Sunnah and regulations, and treats Allah's servants through sinful acts and oppression - but does not express his opposition by [...]

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The Speed of Affection

The Speed of Affection The rapid spread of Islam has been marked as one of the most significant events in history; for which its reasons are still being debated and discussed.  Like Christianity, Islam spread far out from its land of origin.  It arose from the Arabian Peninsula, yet today we [...]

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The Return of the Infallible Imams (PBUT)

:Question Why has the issue of the return of the Imams (PBUT) (Raj'ah) not been mentioned clearly by Allah (SWT)? :Answer The return of the Imams (PBUT) to this world, also referred to as Raj'ah, is one of the beliefs that the Shiites hold. Reference to this belief can also be [...]

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Divine Justice a Principle of Religion,Why?

:Question Why do Shiites consider "Divine Justice" (from amongst all the other attributes of Allah (SWT)) as one of the principles of religion? :Answer As you may be aware, the prophets propagated their messages on the basis of two executive guarantees: warning the people and bringing glad tidings for them. They [...]

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Prostrating on Earth

:Question: Why do we prostrate on Turbah (earth) in Salat? Although I do understand that the banning of prostration on Turbah is a Bid'ah, an innovation in religion, I am however, requesting a firm answer backed by logic and narrations that will help me answer my Sunni brothers. Thank you. :Answer [...]

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The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

The great Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) was born in the area of Hijaz in Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula. His birth was during the era of "Ignorance" (Jaheliah). The era of Ignorance The era of Ignorance is the time from 200 years before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) to the beginning of his prophethood. Jaheliah (Ignorance) means to commit [...]

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all four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Islam however, is unique from all other religions in the sense of its speedy expansion throughout the world. La Martin ?a famous French poet- says: "If we take three aspects into consideration, none other can equal Prophet Muhammad(PBUH&HP): his lack of equipment, his speed in success, [...]

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