Mahdi (PBUH),Ten Revolutions in One Revolution

Introduction The report card of all the schools of thought through out the history reveals many weak points. The majority of them concentrated on one aspect, but ignored other important aspects of humanity. All these ideologies were "self-centered", meaning that they considered themselves as the central ideology and others (rest of [...]

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Ghadir, the Greatest Eid of All Religions

“Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion.” (The Holy Quran, 5:3)  Eid al-Ghadir, which is known as Eid al-Akbar (the greatest Eid) in Islamic narrations, could be referred to as the greatest celebration (Eid) of all religions. [...]

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Ashura and Today

Once more Muharram has come, and the hearts of free men incline toward Hussain (PBUH), the son of Ali (PBUH), and their eyes are fixed upon Ashura, the event which took place more than 1300 years ago. Even after such a long passage of time, not only Shiite Muslims are attracted [...]

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Shia in Today’s World

We live in a world in which electronic prefectures, globalization, information explosion and technology are the dominant topics. With the latest technology we have discovered scientific aspects very fast, knowing that without this technology, it would take us years to discover the same. But it seems that these scientific progresses and [...]

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The Night of Qadr

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful Surely We revealed it (Quran) on the Night of Qadr - And what do you know about what Night of Qadr is - The Night of Qadr is better than a thousand months - The angels and the Spirit descend in it [...]

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Life and My Beliefs

There are many aspects that differentiate humans from one another.  Beauty, outward appearance, wealth, health, nationality, race, native language, and knowledge are all examples of characteristics that differentiate us from one another.  These differences may even allow us to lose or excessively develop our self-esteem, even though our characteristics may be [...]

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Shia and its History

To understand the concept of Shia, it is necessary to first know Islam, and then define Shia based on Islam. The basics of Islam start from the belief in Allah (SWT) and the belief in all the prophets up to the last of them (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)).  As a Muslim we [...]

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