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The narrator recounts, “By God! I have not seen a man whose children, family, and companions killed and yet despite all the pain and hardships he has endured, has managed to fight with utmost bravery and courage. The enemy would attack him in groups, and he would defend himself by attacking them, making them turn back and flee as a flock of goats would do from a wolf.”

Indeed! The Master of Martyrs (PBUH) would attack the tight lines of the enemy to defend himself and his family, dispersing the thousand men army as one would see fleeing insects disperse.

“Imam Hussain fought nonstop,” the narrator would continue, “until the enemy stood between him and his family, who took refuge in the tents.”

Hussain (PBUH) would shout: “Woe On You … oh Followers of Abusufian! If you have no religion and do not fear the hereafter, at least live as free men in this world! If you claim to be genuine Arabs (and claim to fight courageously) be loyal to your own values and tribe!”

Shemr Ibn Ziljoshan said: “O Son of Fatimah, What are you saying?”

Imam Hussain said: “..???? ? ?? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??! ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?????! Keep these ignorant and violent men from attacking my family while I am still alive!”

Shemr agreed and the enemy would continue to attack Hussein (PBUH)…

Throughout the entire trip of bloodshed and no return, in every single moment, the actions and words of Hussein (PBUH) remained an embodiment of courage and bravery! In his last moments of life, ??? ???? ????????? ?? ?????? ??? ???????????? ????? ?? ???????. History shows that all throughout, Muslims and non-Muslims saw Hussein (PBUH) as more than just a religious leader, but rather as a symbol of freedom.

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