???????? ???? ???????? (part 3)

‘Abd al-Rahman (second generation companion – Tabein) narrates: Imam Ali (PBUH) in the day of Rahbah, gathered people in the mosque and asked to bear witness to Allah that they have see the Prophet say on the day. ‘Abdu al-Rahman says 12 of those present in ??? ?????? ?? ???? stood up while I can still remember them standing up and saying: ?? ???? ??????? that on the day of Ghadir the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) said: “O People! Do I have more authority over the believers than themselves? And my wives are considered their mothers?” We responded back: Yes. He then said: “For whoever I am his Master, Ali is his master.”

The above examples took place years after the event of Ghadir and in fact in different time spans. And yet they are a subset of all incidents, which Muslims of the first century approved of having seen in Ghadir! Therefore the Islamic society was aware of the primary message of this event, which is the succession of Ali Ibn Abitalib after the Prophet (PBUH&HP) as the leader (Waly/Imam).

The question that comes to mind is: ??? ??? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ????? of Prophet Muhammad for his succession and what could have been ????????? ??? ?? ????? after all these years, if the leader chosen by Allah was not pushed to the side?