When Ab al-Fadl al-Abbas (PBUH) was rushing towards the battlefield like an arrow, he was carrying a container of water, a flag, and a sword. Hussain (PBUH) standing besides the tents, and perhaps some of the women of Ahl al-Bait (PBUT) were watching Hussain (PBUH) as he envisioned the image of Abbas’s (PBUH) battle site.

Abbas (PBUH) got into the river. The army men flee like sheep run away from a fierce lion. He filled the container with water and got out. Perhaps this bright image was apparent for Hussain (PBUH) and gave him hope and calmness.

Abbas (PBUH) took a shorter path to the tents; through the palm-grove. The enemies hid behind the palm trees, and Umar ibn Sa’ad, whose army had more than thirty thousand soldiers, said to them,” Do not let Abbas reach the companions of Hussain; If they drink water, no one will make it alive out of this battlefield”.

And that was how all the army came to fight this courageous man. Four thousand archers aimed their arrows at Abbas (PBUH), and the others scattered in the palm-grove to prevent Abbas (PBUH) reaching the tents. Some of them hid behind the tress and cut his right hand, and then his left hand; but Abbas (PBUH) continued moving towards the tents like an arrow; he was hoping the accomplish the mission Hussain (PBUH) had given him.

These moments were very sensitive; arrows were falling on him like drops of rain; but Abbas (PBUH) was reciting epic poems:

“I do not fear death, because death is a rise to join the previous brave men. May I sacrifice my life for the pure chosen man. I am Abbas; I have brought a container of water, and do not fear the difficulties of the day of meeting (1)”.

An arrow sat on the container, the water poured. Then, another arrow sat on his chest. He fell off his horse, and called his brother,” O brother! Come to me”.

When Hussain (PBUH) found Abbas (PBUH) in that condition, he cried and said,” Now my back is broken (2)”.

And it has been narrated that a cursed enemy hit Abbas (PBUH) on his head with an iron bar.

Imam Hussain (PBUH) returned to the tents while signs of grief were apparent on his face; he had lost his flag-bearer and icon. It has been narrated that he did not break the news to the women; rather he went to the tent of Abbas (PBUH) and took its pillar off. By seeing this, the women realized that the owner of this tent had been martyred.

And the poet described it beautifully by saying,” Iron came down and put the Hashimi moon out in Karbala…”

Allah’s (SWT) blessings be upon you O Aba Abdillah! And His peace and blessings be upon your brother, Abbas (PBUH), and on the bloods that were shed in your way…

(The above is a selection taken from “Examples of Sacrifice, Hadrat Ab al-Fadl al-Abbas (PBUH)”, by Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi al-Mudarrisi)

The Roshd Website offers condolences to all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon Tasua, the day of commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of the moon of children of Hashim, Ab al-Fadl al-Abbas (PBUH).


1. Manaaqib Ibn Shahr Ashub, vol. 4, p. 108

2. Bihaar al-Anwaar, vol. 45, p. 42

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