On a day of Eid al-Fitr, after saying the Eid’s prayer, Amir al-Muminin (PBUH) addressed people:

“O! You Allah’s servants, I advise you to fear Allah (SWT), (whose) blessings never ends and His mercy never finishes, People can’t be independent of Him and all the acts, won’t compensate his blessings. (The one) who encouraged (us) to be virtuous and taught us continence and forbade us from sins.

(The one) who is endeared by perpetuity and survival, and disdained his creatures by death and naught, although, death is the upshot of all the creatures and their clear path. The escape of people won’t bother death, and when it arrives, it captures the swinger; damages all pleasures; destroys all blessings and cuts all joyances.

And Allah (SWT) destined doom for the universe and exiting it for its occupants, (but) most people tend to stay in it and regard its reclamation as great, (while) it’s a sweet and fresh thing passes quickly for its seeker and deceives its tracer…

So -May Allah (SWT) provide you with His blessings-, leave it with the best thing you have, and don’t look for it except a little, as it is sufficient. Be satisfied with its little and let alone what swingers enjoy.

Disdain the world and don’t make it your home. I warn you of getting busy with its blessings and entertainments and funs, since it results in deceive and neglecting.

Certainly, it will act as if it doesn’t know you, turns around, packs its luggage and leaves, and then the other world comes to us, approaches and announces its entrance.

Be aware that today is the time to get ready, the competition would be at the other world, the end is the heaven and anyone who fails to reach the end, will go to the hell.

Isn’t there anyone to repent of his sins before his death arrives? Isn’t there anyone to do something for himself before getting needful and wretched? May Allah (SWT) include us in the ones who fear Him and also hope for His gratuity.

Today is the day which Allah (SWT) has called Eid and merited you for it; hence, recall Him so that He would recall you and ask Him so that He would reply you and pay your Zakat, because it’s your Prophet’s tradition and a divine obligatory act…

May Allah (SWT) immune us with virtue and make the other world better than this one for us….”

(Selected from Amir al-Mu’minin’s speech in Eid al- Fitr, Man la Yahduruhu al-Faqih, vol. 1, pp 515-517)

Congratulations to all the Muslims, especially you, upon the arrival of Fitr Eid, the Eid of servants of Allah (SWT) and the testimonial day for fasters.

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