Everyone knew that she held a special status to the holy Prophet (PBUH&HP). They had heard from the holy prophet (PBUH) several times:

“Fatimah is a part of my body, anyone who bothers her, has bothered me.” (1)

On the other hand, the holy Quran had specified the fate of the ones who bother Allah (SWT) and His messenger:

“Indeed those who offend Allah and His messenger are cursed by Allah in the world and the Hereafter, and He has prepared a humiliating punishment for them.” (2)

At the time that the holy prophet (PBUH&HP) made this speech, people wondered if it is possible that someone bothers Fatimah (PBUH.). However, this word of the holy prophet was the result of his knowledge of the occult, which informed people that in the future some people would bother Fatimah (PBUH). It was also a warning that if a situation came up and Fatimah (PBUH), who had such respect before Allah (SWT) and His prophet stood against a group of people and expressed her anger with them, they are the ones who are cursed by Allah (SWT) and His prophet and they do not deserve to rule people.

When the holy prophet (PBUH) passed away, unrighteous people were trying to destroy Islam by making some immense alternations to the true Islam. Although the successor had been appointed by Allah (SWT) and was announced by His prophet, they decided to choose another leader themselves as a political issue. They were cruelly doing anything even disrespecting the house of the holy prophet`s progeny [Ahl al-Bayt] to fulfill their plans. They arrogated Fadak, which was an inheritance from the holy prophet (PBUH&HP) to his daughter. Seeing all these, made Lady Fatimah (PBUH) to express her anger with them and show her dissatisfaction about their manners and actions. It seemed that her father had saved her for that time to defend Islam and Wilayah.

She clearly declared her discontent and annoyance about what was happening at that time in different situations. For instance, when a group of women came to visit her [after the attack to her house, which hurt her severely], she told them: “I swear to Allah, that another day of my life begins, while I am hateful from your world and furious at your men.” She also came to the mosque, deeply sad and severely physically injured, and openly questioned the governors in the presence of the immigrants (Muhajirin) and the helpers (Ansaar). Then, she stated the remarkable and effective sermon. [Fadakiyah sermon] She addressed the helpers (Ansaar) with blame:

“O` the courageous men! You are the strength of the community and the supporters of Islam. Why are you disregarding my rights? Why are you ignoring the injustice done to me? Is not it that my father Rasul Allah said: To respect someone, you should respect his children as well?” (3)

As mentioned, once the dear of the messenger recognized the future of Islam is in danger, clearly announced her anger and annoyance with the alternations and deviations made by the governors especially regarding the succession of the holy prophet (PBUH&HP). Therefore, people would have a chance to ask themselves whether those who bothered Allah (SWT), His messenger and the only daughter of Rasoul Allah (PBUH&HP) deserve to substitute the holy prophet’s position to rule the community.

(The above is a selection taken from the book “Zahra al-Batool the hidden mystery of the messenger” by Sayyed Mohammad Zia’ Abadi)

The Roshd Website offers condolences to all Muslims, especially you dear friend, upon 3rd of Jamadi al-Thani, the anniversary of the oppressive martyrdom of the lady of the two worlds and the flesh of the last Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) and the defender of the Divine guardianship, Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (PBUH).


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2-    The holy Quran, 33:57

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