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The Shiite Shiite Islamic site has comprehensively explained the growth of all beliefs in the form of articles with a powerful source.By studying these cases, you can find out the connection between the principles of Islam and Shiite beliefs


Nowadays, mutual and consistent relationship with the audience seems to be a crucial factor in having a successful dialogue.
The Roshd team understood the necessity of this connection, and proceeded to hold an effective relationship with its audience.


Roshd Islamic Shia is a website that has been active for almost twenty years and has worked on many issues. One of the most important cases is articles that have been extensively researched and cited. These articles answer many doubts.

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Occasion Letters in roshd islamic shia

On different Islamic occasions (i.e. religious holidays or anniversaries of the birth and martyrdom of the Holy Imams), the Roshd website has been sending short e-mails to all its registered members mentioning an aspect related to that Islamic occasion or person the occasion is related to. Due to the continuous requests for having access to previous subscribe e-mails, the Roshd website is proud to present a new section on the website itself entitled, “Occasion Letters

Occasion Letters

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With the support of the Almighty Allah (SWT) and the true successor of his Messenger, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and with the efforts of a group of young people, we have designed this website to introduce the school of Ahl al-Bait (PBUT) in the most concise and brief manner. Though we are still in the process of preparing and updating material to load on the website, we have provided materials in three languages, namely English, Persian, and Arabic.

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islamic roshd website is shie


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Your comments and suggestions are highly welcome at Islamic Shia Roshd Website. Any kind of comments that can help Roshd Website are taken with great appreciation.You can be in touch with your friends at Roshd Website by filling out the form below. Furthermore, if interested, you can also use the form below to ask questions.If you would like to ask questions, please take the following into consideration before you proceed:Due to the large quantity of questions, each question takes normally about four to six months (and even one year for some) to answer. Questions are investigated based on their importance in the Question and Answer section.

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